Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Name Is Amy and I'm a Procrastinator

Because I am procrastinating my suitcase packing duties.....and because it feels fabulous to sit here with the door open while crazy wind is blowing....I thought 'why not make an entry with all those pictures I was talking about......'

The pictures are all from one day, so you can imagine how exhausted I was by the end of the day.  First we went to The Lord's Kitchen.  It's a little burger dive, but holy moly...SO.  Good.

Then, we were going to The Tower Of The Americas, but they had closed it off and were having a party.  The hell?  Whatever.  So we went to the Institute Of Texan Cultures (hee hee...I know you love that, Russ).....and thennnnnn to a carnival for Fiesta Week.

(Captions coming for the pictures)



  1. Great to see all the pictures, thank you for sharing them.

  2. Aw now I know how you feel when I write about Tampa!  Texas...San old stomping grounds!!!  I dont know how in the heck I lived there so long and never heard of The Lord's Kitchen!  That is MY kind of place!  Have you been to Chris Madrid's???  You MUST!  I miss getting tamales from "Delicious Tamales"  they were like 6 bucks a dozen and sooooo good!   Oh and Pancho's mexican, not somewhere I would take visitors but we loved it.

    Looks like you had a great time.   Oh and have you been to Mi Tierra's???  I'm hungry now and wishing I was there for a day or two.  I think I need to post some cuban pics to make you jealous.  lol

  3. No fair!  You got 88 pics in!  Did they change the way you put them in or what?  I can only get one at a time in anymore and not through AOL pictures, in the actual entry.  ::susan whines::

    Okay, now fer yer pics, I have questions and statements to make.  ;-)

    First of all, why didn't cha snag me some o'that vintage stuff while you were there.  I see what looks like some Blue Willow dishes in one of the pics and those wagon wheels would look real nice in my flower bed and..........

    Ewww on Ryan picking the bull's boogies.  ;-)

    What are you eatin' in pic 83?

    That yellow house near the end is the rental house you found us so we can move there right?  I know, it's a fixer-upper, beggars can't be choosers or sumpin' like that.  Hee......

    Great pics!  I finally got to see some of San Antonio!  That was San Antonio, right?  Oh, and the "pricey" part of town looks like downtown Opelika.  :-)

    Love ya!~

    Have a fun, safe trip!~


  4. Hi Amy,
    Wow ... I want to go visit The Lord's Kitchen ... I think that looks like the best part of the day!!

  5. That's not fair!  I had talked myself into not having any supper before going to bed and then I see all that delicious nosh! Scrummy!
    Wonderful pictures.  I really enjoyed visiting the museum of culture.  Now that was really interesting.
    Thanks for sharing your piccy's.  They were grrrreat!
    Jeanie xxxx

  6. Great pictures Amy.  I really enjoyed looking at them.  You have such a lovely family!  You're so very blessed, but I doubt I needed to tell you that, I strongly suspect you already know!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Amy :)  Your family looks so very happy together!  Makes me kind of envious because I never had that.  All of you are so very blessed!  ((((Amy))))  Teresa

  8. All that in one day...YIKES! No wonder you are too tired to pack. Great photos. --Cin

  9. It looks like you all had a wonderful day.  And those burgers.....
                                                         Yum,  Leigh


  10. My dearest, separated-at-birth sister?  I must say:  That is the most Rachelicious entry I've ever seen.  Random pics out the car window?  Allowing pics of you eating??  Showing your kids being dorky???  Yeah, you've arrived.  Welcome home.

  11. You guys are having far too much fun down there in TX.  LOL the pic of where the hookers are.... LOL I looked at every single photo!!  Awesome memories of Texas you are bringing back for me.  I was there like three years so some of these actually sort of look familiar.  Especially the highways and that dome thingy.  Did ya get a special something in the mail yet?  LOL I remembered you said you liked to browse the actual catalog now and again so I finally got me but in gear in sent ya another one.  LOL the title to this entry!!!  Hugs,

  12. What the HELL is on your dashboard in pix #2?  Is that an armadillo fetitch?  (I know you know what a fettish is! and not the kinky kind! LOL)

    Ummmm  NICE cleavege!  And you say you don't have a pole in your bedroom!  No wonder you husband was in such a rush to get out of the hospital!  The nurses have nothing on you girlfriend.

    Love the new pix on you blog too!  See where Ryan gets her beauty from!
    hugs Rosemary


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