Sunday, April 13, 2008

Snippets of my life...

do de do de do...what's been going on lately?

*Let's see.....Ryan and her boyfriend are fighting.  I heard 'be there when you SAY you're going to be there.  if you make plans with me, then follow through...' and 'stop calling me at 2 am' takes alot for my baby girl to get fiesty, but Lord help you when she does.

*Jesse and my nephew dismantled Ryan's car to find out what the funky smell was coming from the A/C.  A couple years ago, there was a leak inthe A/C.  Jesse put some dye inthe system to find the leak.  He found the leak, patched it up, and put in more freon.  Sadly, nobody knew back then that the dye will make your A/C stink like a barnyard a year or two afterwards.  When they pulled out the whole she-bang, it looked like a swamp science experiment.  Gyahhhh ::gag::  It was gross.  BUT....they fixed it so hopefully Ryan can drive her car with the A/C on and not be smelling funkiness.

*I woke up with a migraine.  I just got the vision problems.  Then they went away and I'm left with the soreness.  Stupid migraines.  I've been getting them more recently lately.

*Adrian is hacking up a lung.  (weather related, methinks)  He is also talking about the fact that he might want to go to public school next year.  I don't have a problem with that because homeschooling for me has always been about what's best for my kids and their wants.  One thing we're going to have a problem with is that he has the attention span of a squirrel, we'll see.  Maybe a co-op group or something.  It's just that the groups are not easy to find and kinda far we shall see.

*It's going to be in the high 80s today.  Then tonight, it will be in the low 40s.  ::blink::  Stupid weather.  My skin is looking terrible from it. 

*Alex.  Alex and Guitar Hero.  If I have to hear 'I Wanna Be Sedated' one more time, I AM going to want to be sedated.  BUT.....he loves that game more than life itself, and with mentally challenged kids like Alex, I'll take my learning chances where I can get them.

*....and the best snippet of all.  Last night, Jesse says to me "You wanna take a shower with me?"  I said "Yes, but which one of us is going to be calling for help when we get stuck in the ridiculously small shower?"  He said "You know.....I've been thinking about that time when you said you wanted a big know....with the stone walls and stuff?"  I said "Don't tease me, dude, you're getting me excited."  So.  Cross your fingers, people.  I want a huge shower.  We don't use that stupid bathtub for anything other than the fact that Gordo keeps sleeping in it.  LOL


  1. lol on the dog sleeping in the tub

  2. I rolled when I read that about Alex and Guitar Hero.  Brandon has that too and is actually pretty good at it; but thankfully, I don't live with Brandon anymore, lol.

    Hey!  I got a GREAT idea.  We are moving to San Antonio so RYAN can teach Carrie how to drive.  Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaa................

    My sis was always fiesty like Ryan.  Good for her.  Tell her to stick to her guns! Show her BF the pic of Ryan holding the gun on Jesse, that oughta get him in order.  LMAO.  

    Both of my children suffer from migraines.  I know they are not fun.  Feel better soon.

    Hope ya get your shower.  Hey, we can move to San Antonio, Donnie can help Jesse put in your big shower and you can invite us over to use it!!!  Don't that sound like a plan?  Tee Hee..........

    Anywho, love ya girlfriend!~


  3. oh...big shower sounds divine!

  4. oh nice!!!!!!!!! Hope you get the shower!!!


  5. Fingers crossed for the shower!  Love your little catch ups and hearing about all the going's on in your family.  I sure miss having kids about!  They made life infinitely interesting to say the least!
    Have a lovely week!

  6. A big shower?   Now that will be fun!
    Ryan has her head screwed on properly.   Thanks to you.
    I can imagine the smell....I remember bringing our old dog home from the farm where he was born one wet and stromy night.  The barn smells clung to him.  Yuck!
    Jeanie xxxx

  7. LOLOL about the shower ~ Cindy and I have the same problem with ours being too small lol ~ it would be wonderful to have a large one, we've discussed it because we know eventually we are going to have to redo the tub/shower that's in there now ~ hopefully it will be a large one when it's done.
    Sorry about your migraines...I get those too.  I seem to be getting them a lot more because of the weather & the damned pollen that's floating around the air and coating everything in sight right now...Hugz** and Bright Blessings Hon* Teresa

  8. I've always wanted a big shower, too.  One of those with more than one shower head would be divine.  I'd never get out!

  9. We got rid of the tub and put in a big shower a few months ago.  Good move,
    love, Angie, xx

  10. I never could get into showering with anyone else. Maybe if I had one of those showers with the multiple jets so I won't have to share. Yeah...get one of those. And a big jacuzzi tub next to a fireplace. With a waterfall. (Jesse is going to be busy.) --Cin


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