Thursday, April 3, 2008

'cause such is my life....

What day is it?!  What time is it?!  Who are these kids calling me 'Mom'?!  ::blink::  Oh wait....those kids are mine.

My blank outs have been coming more and more often lately.  Alziemhers at 37 or short term memory loss?  Good gravy...

The reason for the recent blank out is........that Jesse has been in the hospital.  He was having pains low in his stomach for a few days, and finally decided to go to the doctor, who sent him to the E.R., who sent him to get a CT scan, who sent the report to the surgeon, who called the Head Surgeon........are you seeing where this is going? 'overnight stay'  'antibiotics' 'high infection count' 'enlarged appendix'.

Sooooooooooo........that was all yesterday....  This morning the surgeon said the call was up to Jesse whether to get his appendix removed or not, but the pain had subsided and Jesse just wasn't sure about getting a surgery that wasn't a for sure necessity, so..........more than likely he will be home by today.

He was even joking around with me last night after I had left...which was around 10.  "Hey.....since you wouldn't go find a nurse uniform and play nurse for me, I got Nurse Angie to do it.  She touched me in inappropriate places and everything!!"  ROFL  Idiot.

(Before that when we were in the E.R. and the doctor came in and was lifting up Jesse's gown and poking his stomach, the doctor looked at me and said "Is this your partner?  Do you mind she's here while I'm checking you?"  Whatever dude, after 18 years of marriage, I've seen his business.  Haaaaaaaaahahaha)

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, so that's my drama for the week.  couldn't have been something easy like 'I tripped and broke my pinky toe.' right?!  It had to involve a hospital and a nurse touching my husband's naughty bits.  Oh well, pain killers and a little action.  How bad can it be for him, right?!  ::giggle::


  1. feel better Jesse!!!!

  2. right!  And if you broke your pinky toe then you would be in pain, and you may have had a nice male nurse touching you in inappropriate places.


  3. Awwwww!  Poor Jesse!

    That said....keep an eye open for that Nurse Angie and her inapropriate twiddles with your fella.   Wink!   Wink!
    Hope he is home soon and that he never has to go back in again.

    Jeanie xxx

  4. You can make anything funny, rofl.  I bet living with you is a trip!  Poor Jesse.  Hope he gets along okay and no more flare-ups.

    Love ya!~


  5. Better get him home soon, Amy - hope he'll be OK though

  6. Oh shit.  Tell Jesse to quit hogging all of the attention around there.  I mean, really!  Who does he think he is???  If I'm going to stop by to drink your beer, he needs to be in top notch shape to serve me, OK?

    Just kidding.  Get better real soon, Jesse.

  7. I'd say you have a good reason to blank out a little.  I hope that Jessie is feeling better, and I hope he doesn't have any more attacks.  Take care!

  8. I would have gone for the surgery -- anything to miss work for a few more days.  But I'm a slacker.


  9. Thanks for the visit ... thought I'd reciprocate and visit your journal, too.  Then, lo and behold, I see you're in the midst of a real drama.  I don't know anything about "enlarged appendix" but the whole ordeal sounds a little scary.  Hang in there.

  10. That's more than enough "drama for the week"...make it your drama for the year. If Jesse wants to see you in a nurse-outfit, you can always pick up some floppy surgical scrubs. They are comfy and easy to launder.
    Take care,

  11. take care of your honey  lol  angie seems keen on it  :x   I'm happy he seems to be feeling better!  Hugz* Teresa

  12. It sounds like you've stepped into overload land.   Hope Jesse will be just fine.
                                              Smiles,  Leigh


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