Friday, April 25, 2008

There's this pain in my......

I....currently have a piercing throbbing pain in my head.  I'm pretty sure it's not related to my current load of stress, but whatever.

Couple days ago, we went to the most amazing burger joint, then the Institute of Texan Cultures, and then a carnival for Fiesta Week.  BUT....since Ryan hasn't loaded the pictuers for me and I don't know how, we'll just have to wait for pictures until next week.

Why next week?  Because we're going to Mexico.  We've finally scored a sitting to get Ryan's quinceanera pictures taken.  (see here: Quinceañera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more info)  It's taken some doing to get everything together, but finally.....woohoo.  We got the dress, jewelry, nails done, shoes, etc.....I know she's a little past age 15, but I work with what I have.....heh...

Anyway.....back on Wednesday/Thursday - hopefully with stories and more pictures.......


  1. I can't wait!  I get C to do all my "technical" stuff too, lol.

    Have a wonderful safe trip!~

    Love ya!~


  2. Have a fun, safe trip, Amy! I look forward to seeing the pictures when you get back :)

  3. have a fun and safe trip!!!

    ~~~Make It A Great Day~~~

  4. Oh, I watched a movie last week by that title.  It was a great movie, too!  Hope you kick the headache.

  5. Hi Amy,
    What a great idea ... Happy Belated Quinceanera to Ryan.

  6. "Institute of Texan Cultures"?  Are you making that up?  heehee

    Have a good trip!


  7. HOpe your headache is better.  That birthday celebration sounds wonderful!  I always wanted to have a sweet sixteen party like the ones I read about in books, never did have one though.  Your daughter is so lucky to be able to celebrate this wonderful occasion in such a special way!  Can't wait to see the pictures!  I hope you all have a lovely time!

  8. Poor you suffering with such a headache.  I hope you get relief from it soon. xx

    I am looking forward to seeing the ' Birthday Girls ' photodgraphs.  She is bound to look even more beautiful!  
    Have a good few days of celebration away.     See you when you get back.
    Take care
    Jeanie xxxx

  9. Wow! I did not know this, now I do.  Thank you for the education.

  10. I think 15 is the age when most girls in my town get pregnant.
    Maybe they should all be sent to Mexico too.
    Or Spain, thats closer. Or just taken out to sea on a rusty old boat and left there for a few years.

    I am away next week too.

  11. Oh that is an awesome idea for Ryan's picture and all !!!  I can't wait to see pics!  And hope the headache goes away!

  12. Have someone rub your head...and feet. Take a deep breath. You are a busy Mom! --Cin


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