Sunday, May 4, 2008

...because I will always find a way to injure myself...

Last night, as I went to bed.....I did my usual routine.

Go pee, brush out hair, wash face, turn off light in bathroom.

Walk into dark bedroom.....

Trip over very large dog.....

....fall forward as dog comes up..... a very large bruise on chest.

Pictures will not be forthcoming.

I need a nightlight in that damn bedroom.


  1. Hi Amy,
    Yikes ... definitely get a nightlight.  I'll bet it could have been worse ...

  2. At least you have some padding on your chest, lol.  I don't, so I probably woulda rocked on and hit my face.  Hee.....

    Glad you weren't hurt any worse.  Oh.....and I trip over Mary Jane all the time daylight and dark, poor baby.  She thinks she has to walk in front of me every step of the way.  What is she, my protector, or something?    Sometimes, she just stops.  I don't know at the times I have just about went over her like that.

    Fur Babies!  Ya gotta love 'em!  ::wink::

    Love ya!~


  3. Omg you dont know how often I trip over very large dogs in the
    So far so good, no injuries yet.

  4. ernhrtfanalwys3May 4, 2008 at 3:20 PM

    OMG LMAO!!! That's something that I would do. Oh you poor thing.

  5. hmmmmm maybe you could gete one of those helmets they have with the head light on them.

    :D  Rosemary

  6. Oh Sheesh ~ Amy hon, that's exactly what I would do ~ that's also WHY Cindy dear has a nightlight in the hallway, in the bathroom and in the dining room ROFL... it's to keep me from breaking my damned fool neck in the middle of the night lol.  I'm so sorry REALLY that you have a boo boo ~ I wish you knew  how many times I have tripped or stepped on Heathen (my 25 lb. black cat) in the middle of the night!!  That's why I do the Heathen "shuffle" at night, you can't see the damned fool cat if he's in your way because he blends right in at night. (((((((((((Feel better Hon)))))))))))) Love & Hugz* Teresa

  7. Oh dear, glad that you weren't hurt worse though!  OUchies!

  8. drunk as usual :O)

  9. So sorry!  I hope the bruise wasn't too painful!

  10. Ay yi yi!!!  Sorry to hear about this.... did I mention I manage to run into my palm tree silk potted huge plant in our bedroom every night in the dark when I come out of the bathroom?!  Of course I don't fall down over it but I keep doing this over and over again as if me and the tree are going to dance.  Ya know I gotta go two times per night LOL and then I practically run over that palm tree each time.  It shakes it's leaves when that happens and then I wake Rob up.  Poor guy.  LOL.  But I can't seem to part with it and it's in the perfect spot except for the bathroom door being two feet away.

  11. Yeah, night lights are the way to go.  Hope you don't bump the sore spot too often.  Be more careful.............
                                                    Smiles,  Leigh



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