Friday, May 30, 2008

Because Nothin's Sexier Than 'Free'

So, I have this friend ( Jaime ) who has this website ( Jaime ) and she is giving away free stuff every week.  Most of you know her, because if you don't know Jaime , then you are missing out.  She's kind of insane, but in that 'I have kids and I'm allowed to be that way and has anybody seen my other damn shoe!?!?!' kind of way.

Did I mention she's giving away free stuff every week?  For us, women...we dig the free stuff.  For you guys out there, she has hot pictures of herself in her bikini on the website . I'm not going to tell you where.  You'll have to go look and find them for yourself.




  1. Now that was hilarious.

    You didn't mention the nude pictures. I am very appreciative! lol


  2. Now, that is a great way to introduce Jaime!



  3. Free is good!  BTW you look smokin hot in that sidebar pic!!!

  4. Hey busy lady! What are you doing blogging when you have so much going on! Just kidding! Now that your kids are grown and gorgeous take all the leisure time you want! I can just see you kicking back now....

  5. Thats a nice looking blog she has there!

  6. I tried twice to leave a comment in jaimes journal but I dont see it.
    Is there a delay?

  7. Hi Amy,
    You Little Dickens ... I checked out the site and not a bikini to be found, nor a promise of one that I could notice.  At least the "Freebie" is cool ... I'm also a fan of Lippy.  Of course, you do have to "work" for it ... I'll have to give it some thought.  My brain isn't in a "slogan" mood right now.

  8. Jamie is great!!  I had no idea she was giving away free stuff.... yes she is so funny and I always enjoy her entries!


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