Friday, May 23, 2008

The Graduation Picture

Everybody gets 'em, and my kid is no exception.

::sigh::  I can't believe my little baby girl is graduating.  Actually, I can't believe I'm that old....LOL

So, here it is.......

My brother and sister spent the night last night, and then Ryan is going shopping with my sister for some graduation stuff - because my sister is graduating as well.  Her graduation is on Saturday.  Ryan made her a big embarrassing sign.  Should be fun.  LOL

Thennnnnnnn tonight........I think the in laws are spending the night.  ::blink::  okay, why is everybody spending the night at our house?!!?  hee hee.  They raid our liquor cabinet at night or something?!



  1. My eldest niece is only 7 years younger then me.  My sister made her call me "Aunt" and I made her NOT call me Aunt.  Sooooooooo here is my question.  Does Ryan call your sister "Aunt"?  LOL


    I will be by to raid the liquor cabinet

  2. Ryan looks gorgeous in this picture. Congratulations on her upcoming Graduation. My youngest brother is only 2 years older than my daughter. (Hugs) Indigo

  3. Hi Amy,
    Congratulations to all ... and what a great photo!

  4. that was a very very painful picture.

    ~your gorgeous baby girl.

  5. She is a beautiful young lady....
    You must be very proud...
    My oldest is graduating this year too....
    Where did all the time go huh ?

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!  Dang!  Be proud and be sad....those two things seem to go together for parents.


  7. What a beautiful young lady your Ryan is.  It's a great time of mixed emotions for everyone isn't it?  A new chapter in her life is beginning.  I wonder what adventures are in store for her next!

  8. congrats Ryan!
    she is sooo beautiful.

  9. Beautiful picture!  Congratulations to Ryan!  Have Fun!  
                                                              Smiles,  Leigh


  10. She is sooooooo pretty!!!  I love the way she did her eye make up!!  Congrats to Ryan and to Mommy for getting her through the years!!!  Hope ya'll have a wonderful party... pj party?!  LOL sounds fun!!  I'll get my sleeping bag and be right over.... hope ya have some pina colada mix somewhere.... never mind, LOL I'll bring mine LOL little bit left from the Derby weekend.

  11. Oh my!  Your baby girl ain't a baby girl anymore!  She's bee-u-tee-ful, just like her Mom.  

    Love ya!~


  12. She is beautiful! I can't get over how beautiful Ryan is!

    If she ever wants a job in Alaska as a Model or wants to get in commercials... tell her to give me a call.

    (That sounded so

    Missed you!


  13. GORGEOUS!!!!


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