Thursday, May 1, 2008

No, really...I'm a U.S. Citizen...

Okay........I had an entry all typed out and I don't know what happened.  FFFFFFFFFFFFF%^&*&^%#$(........

Anyway, the Migra let me back into the country.

"Are you all U.S. Citizens?"

Duh, dude.

"Do you have anything to declare?"


::thinks:: "Declare.  Hmmm.....can you use that word in a sentence?  That's a nice hat you're wearing....."

"What was your business in Mexico?"

::thinks:: "What's YOUR business in Mexico?!"

"Pictures.....and visiting our abuelita....she's sick...."

"Okay.....did you buy anything while you were there?"

OMG.....seriously.....go bother the suspicious looking vatos behind us, okay??!?!?

What did we BUY over there?  Tacos.  Hamburgers.  All made by homies on the side of the road.  Yeah, that's right.  We ate it and we didn't die.  Life on the wild side, baby!!!

(I'm gonna hit Save first so I don't lose the entry and then come back with captions!)



  1. Sam's is owned by Walmart, I I'm sure they are all over the world by now. KFC isn't the same as when we were kids. It used to be made from chickens, ya know. Now...complete mystery.

    I love the playground, especially the slide.

    A lot of your "exciting scenery" looks like UT south of us. Joshua trees and dirt and more Joshua trees and dirt.

    I'm glad you didn't get pulled over and searched!

  2. Your entry made me smile and I loved all the photos, thank you

  3. Hi Amy,
    What a great trip ... looks like you and your family had a blast.  The Tacos look terrific.

  4. Looks like a fabulous trip....
    Thanks for sharing the pics....

  5. Those pictures were VERY interesting!  Usually if there are that many pictures I don't look at all of them, but I looked at EVERY ONE, and was enthralled.

  6. THey let you guys back in!!!!! .... LOL just kidding!!!  So glad you are home... oh that darn AOL eating the entries.  Love the pictures!!  Ryan is gorgeous in red.  I remember that getting back in the country line.  Ugh.  LOL the scenery pictures... and then "more of that" cracking me up.  Welcome home!! Hugs,

  7. I agree, Ryan is very beautiful.  Jesse favors his Mom a lot, especially around the eyes.  Can't wait to see Ryan's pictures.  Looks like you all had a grand ol' time, I am so glad.  Next time take me!

    Love ya!~


    P.S.  I am upset!  You got 106 pics in!  It always tells me I need to update my browser and then when I try it says I already have current browser.  WTH AOL?  Sheesh!  That is why I do more on my MySpace now than my journals.  They all say the same thing.  ::big sigh::

  8. Ryan is stunning!  But I've said that 100 million times!  What were the studio pix taken for?  Are we gunna get to see them? Was it for Ryan's Quintana?  Am I spelling that right?

    I love taco's, but they didn't look like taco's.  Are you sure you can eat them? What was in them?

    And YES!  I saw the swimmer!

    hugs Rosemary

    I have more catching up to do but I have to run will be back xoox

  9. Glad you didn't say what you were thinking to the "official".  You'd get on some list and then we'd all get on the list for writing here.  (whew!)


  10. I just love looking at all your photos Amy.  Your daughter Ryan is a stunner.  How lovely to read that she is just not aware of it.  That's thanks to her Mom.  
    Great to see Mexico and the Rio Grande.  
    Looking forward to seeing the studio photos of her all dressed up in her finery.
    Can't wait!
    Jeanie xxxx

  11. wow ryan u look soo gorgeous... u def. should wear makeup more often!! : ) i love u so much!! love the pictures all of them!! miss u guys

  12. Your daughter is so beautiful.  I can see bits of you in there, but then you are also a beautiful woman.  Your boys are so handsome, even the old one. tee hee!  Seriously you have a wonderful family there.  Looks like you had a great time!

  13. loved the pics!!!!


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