Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Does this mean we're going steady?"

Yes, I changed the journal name.  LOL  It's easier to type and I say 'Meh.' all the time anyway, so there you go.  Say it with me.  "Meh."

Moving along, today I got a mammogram.  The tech didn't even buy me lunch before she fondled me.  Luckily, my husband (even though he was not involved in the fondling) cares.....and took me to lunch to drown out my horrible boob smooshing memory with a couple strawberry margaritas.  Yes, at 11 AM.  Pfft.  So, anyway, those margaritas?  So.  freaking.  yummy.  Not too much liquor.....just enough.  Perfect ice.

Then.....I came home and took a nap.

I've had worse days.....


  1. Hi Amy,
    Hope all is well on your end ... that the "fondling" and Mammogram were just routine.  I like "Meh!"

  2. I was going through my blogs on bloglines and thought, "Who in sam hill is 'meh?'"  I might have known.  LOL

  3. I'm drawing near the time that I must do it.  SOMEBODY better buy me a Margarita afterwards!  I'm not looking forward to it, but, well...meh.

  4. Gosh I think the boob smashing thing is what gives us the boob problems.  LOL SO glad to hear ya survived!!!  A marguerita well deserved!!  

  5. I've always heard that women really love mammos---did I hear wrong?  ;)

    When I get your alerts it still says "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice".  Isn't AOL swell!!??


  6. I hate having mammo's but having had a mother who had breast cancer I have come to see them as one of life's necessary nasties.  Oh well, I bet the margaritas made it all better.  I used to love Margaritas!  Especially strawberry ones!

  7. I had to go to the Dr. on Tuesday right after the drunken debotchery from Monday
    2 Martinis 4 glasses of wine and one bloody mary!  I have to call today for my blood work.   I'm scared!


  8. I'm with Russ never knew you changed the name until you mentioned it. It works, I've contemplated changing mine to QuietScreams, after my daughter's wedding debacle it would fit to a T. I think they should pay us to go through the squished boob torture. (Hugs) Indigo

  9. ::sigh:: I need to find someone to take me out for margaritas.  And I could think of lots more reasons than having a mammogram..... work, winter, papsmears, did I  mention work?  Glad it's all behind you now.
                                                          Smiles,  Leigh


  10. I missed mine last year.  Does that mean I gotta have two this year?  Hee.......

    Loves ya!~


  11. I'm a mamogram virgin!  I think I might be missing out on something...wonder if I can schedule one when TDY.  :)


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