Friday, July 11, 2008

...because she was just that fabulous?

Alot of y'all know about Ryan's ex-boyfriend drama.  You know.....that guy we renamed 'Jackass'.


We thought he was finally gone.

But this past week, he's been texting her and calling her.  Of course she doesn't answer.....and his texts have been very obnoxious...(and really bipolar....'how are you baby?' and 10 minutes later 'whats going on, slut?') she doesn't reply to those either, but....... did you know T-Mobile doesn't have a text block option?  Ugh..... IDIOTS!

Anyway, Ryan does not feel comfortable about it, but you know?  What to do.  The boy's parents give a rats' ass about him, so talking to the parents is pointless (and actually, I don't think I want to because...erm.....I think his parents might be.....unkind to him).......


  1. I'm pretty sure I dated some of that guy's older, gayer relatives.


  2. I hear what your saying...
    My oldest daughter got hooked up with a guy that I am not happy about...
    I should have niped it in the bud when it started...
    Hope all goes well for Ryan...

  3. Maybe Jesse needs to give the kid a call???

  4. This guy sounds like a real loser.  I think someone needs to speak to him.  I hope he stays away.

  5. There should be an option on her phone to block a number. If you go into applications or services. It's not to do with T mobile (aint they just crap?), but the phone its self.
    I just thought I would pop in to say 'hi' as this is a rare web connected moment.
    Gaz xxxxx

  6. I think call blocking is done by the phone, not the network provider. I can block all calls on my phone that dont appear in my contact list.....but you cant block text messages that way.
    All I would do is never read them, just delete them.

  7. I hope everything works out.  Teresa

  8. Those are the kinds of exes to be wary of.  C has one of those.  If there is Mall Security where she works, maybe they could walk out with her when she gets off at night?  Too bad she doesn't have a big brother like Brandon, he put the fear of God in David, lol.  He really looks after his little sister.  I remember once this 15-year-old guy came to the house and was shooting the breeze with Brandon.  He saw C and mentioned to Brandon he would like to date her.  Bran said quickly and in a not-so-low voice, "SHE AIN'T OLD ENOUGH TO DATE."  That was the end of that.  Boy didn't even bother asking us, lol.  Want me to send Brandon?  ::wink::

    Love ya,


  9. What a waste of oxygen.

  10. I have a friend from where I used to work...she was always getting texts from her ex. It took several phone calls for her to get him completely blocked. Keep checking into blocking them, because I can't believe a place doesn't offer any option for blocking numbers completely. His messages DO sound sort of bipolar, and that's something no one should have to deal with!

    Good luck!


  11. What a "Jackass"!  Hope you guys can find a way to get the message across to this kid.  

  12. I'm with Beth on this one. If all else fails save the messages and report him to the police. At the very least it's harrassment. (Hugs)Indigo


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