Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Catching up....

okay, okay!  Since somebody brought to my attention the fact that I have been.......errr.....lacking in my updating..... I'll do a couple entries and bring it up to speed.

This entry will be about my niece's baby shower month ago.  I know that's a way back, but the pictures are pretty good and somebody might get some ideas from the decorations, so why not.......

I'll tell you this.  My sister in law and family are not well off.  They're pretty much on the other side of well off.  However, they are awesome, and so everybody loves them.  This is a major benefit when you're throwing a shower.  My niece hit the jackpot with presents.  She had to buy NOTHING afterwards.  (No jokes about Aunt Amy and her baby shopping addictions, okay?!)

(I'm gonna hit Save and edit later because AOL is acting crazy...)


  1. Isn't that why there are baby showers? My nephew and his wife got TONS of stuff at their baby shower, and for those just starting off, that's got to be such a relief!


  2. That is so sweet :)  It is good when siblings are close, family in general also.  Something that is disappearing this day and age, sadly... I'm glad she received everything that she needed! and Ryan is an excellent decorator! Hugz and Blessings* Teresa

  3. Has Ryan ever thought of enrolling at an art college? She's very talented.

    She should never enrol at chef school though :o) I mean "Diaper cake" ???
    Ewwwww the Queen would certainly disaprove :o)

  4. That has got to be the most rockin' baby shower I have EVER seen. There is a lot of love in that room....

    How sweet is her brother!?

    I think I am going to cry...

  5. fun, fun, fun!!!!

  6. What an AWESOME job you all did with the shower.... the decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!!!   The signed picture frame was a cute idea!!  And what a GREAT brother she has to buy her that beautiful Princess crib!!  She's very blessed!!!


  7. Hey, if I had a baby in the family that I could hold and hug and play with, I'd go shopping BIG time.  With my credit card, even.

  8. It's so good to hear from you Amy!  You don't update us near often enough!  What a lovely baby shower and such a beautiful young mum to be! You and Ryan did really well on the decorations and gifts!  What a lucky young lady!

  9. Cute.  PS -- I haven't forgot about sending you the drawing....I've got alot of stuff piled up at the moment.  I'll mail it, I swear!!!


  10. Glad your back.  The party looked like it was awesome.  Everything was so pretty.  That cake was just perfect and OMG what a crib!!! Love it!

  11. Awesome ideas for a shower. I'll have to keep them in mind for the first grandchild...that will be...uhm...err...not for a while I hope (winks). Ryan was really talented with the decorations. The diaper cake was truly original. So why have we been so sporadic with entries? hmmm I'm thinking it's baby loving time with the new addition. (Hugs)Indigo

  12. Wow!  Who knew Ryan was so talented?  And you?  The decorations were beautiful. as is your lovely niece.  Aww...what a really super sweet brother.  The crib is an awesome gift.  Sorry, way behind on my emails.  Just received the shock of my life.  Not dealing with it too well.  ::big sigh::  Why can't my life EVER be normal???

    Love ya!~


  13. Ryan's centerpieces are adorable!!!!  She could start a little business doing that on the side for other baby showers!!  Loved the pictures!!!  Your family is so beautiful!


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