Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yeah, baby - that 'mood' says 'Happy'.

Few things evoke my happiness, but food is one of them.

That being said, when I was making dinner tonight (nothing special....cheese enchiladas and refried beans), I noticed some bananas that were a day away from the garbage bin.  I thought 'Hmmm.....banana bread?'.  I LOVE me a good banana bread....but finding a really good recipe has so far eluded me.  (Sorry, Grandma ~ RIP)

I decided to see what my recipe website of choice had to offer.  (that would be

Banana Banana Bread, it was called.  I looked.  Hmm....more than the usual amount of bananas that most recipes call for.... ehhhh why not.....

So......I made it.

Goodness Gracious.

It was insanely good.

I looked at some of the comments and noticed some of them added nuts, and some of them added extra brown sugar on I did that, as well.  I'm telling must make this bread.  You must.

I made mine in a bundt pan because I didn't have a loaf pan (!)....which I personally think made it even better.... although it takes less time to bake (10 minutes less to be exact....)

Here it is:

The Most Delicious Banana Banana Bread Ever

........that's not really the name of it, but that's what I call it...

oh....and after you make it....when it's still warm.....smear on a big glob of cold butter.  Oh, baby.  Food Porn.

Make.  This.  Bread.



  1. Are you telling us you had a foodgasm,Amy?  Been a while since I had one of those! -Dawn-

  2. Whenever I make banana bread, I use my Amish cookbook recipe. Nom nom nom. I can tell that you enjoyed your banana bread! One thing we discovered in cooking class in New Orleans was Paul Prudhomme's Sweetie Magic. It's a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, and great for sprinkling on top of quick breads. Yum!


  3. FOOD PORN!!!  You are SO FUNNY!!!!   Glad you enjoyed that... er,..... BREAD!!!


  4. food porn...lmao...i love it!


  5. I make a sour cream banana bread that's out of this world.  What is it about Banana bread?  It's always sooo good!

  6. Although I love bananas I don't like them when they're over-ripe.  I've never liked banana bread but made one last week when I had a couple of bananas that were too old for me, I found a recipe with dates in (I LOVE dates!) but no, I still don't like banana bread!  I have a wonderful recipe for Matrimonial Cake that has lots of dates in it, it's my very favourite of all time....

  7. I'm the same way about food lol ~ I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it!! cooking/baking etc. is a huge destresser for me, I might not eat it sometimes after I've made it but the process itself most of the time takes the edge off of stress.  I do wish I could eat mexican food though but I can't :( it makes me sicker than a dog and I don't know why exactly.  Will be checking out your banana bread recipe though :)  I love reading your entries, they always make me laugh/chuckle/smile.  Thanks for being "meh"  lol.  Blessings** Teresa

  8. sounds great and i think ill use the bundt pan too

  9. That's why I can't lose weight.  I love food too much and all the wrong kinds.  Banana bread is a favorite. :-)

    Love ya!~


  10. I love banana bread.  When I make mine I always grease the loaf pan and then sprinkle white sugar on the bottom and then when I pour the batter in I sprinkle more white sugar on the top of the batter.  Gives it a nice sweet crunchy topping and bottom when it is done.

  11. just catching up!!  Cute dog! I'd take him.. NOT... I don't want the one I have LOL.

    Also... I'm getting worried for Ryan with wacko boyfriend!!!


  12. I'm saving that recipe.  I wonder if the extra bananas make it extra moist?  Glad your turned out so well.

  13. I bookmarked the recipe to try. Seeing as Banana Nut Bread is my all time favorite treat. (Hugs)Indigo

  14. Yum!! I'll try it!
    Martha :-)

  15. I LOVE banana bread too!!!  Especially with cold globs of BUTTER!!

  16. I've never had it, but it sounds great.
    Gaz xx


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