Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm so tired I have no idea what I'm saying.

WhoWhatWhere!?!!?  What time is it?!


I have an empty-ish house once again, but the madness never ends, of course.

I've picked up an extra babysitting day with Valencia.  She's almost 2.  Yes, the drama has started.  I used to think Diana was making it up when she said 'Amy, she has been tremendous today!  Screaming and flipping out....' was the first time she has ever had a full on flip-out with Tia Amy.  "SATAN, BEGONE!"  Heh...  luckily, Satan was expelled by turning on the tap water and sticking her feet in the water.

So, the in laws have gone back to Mexico, the sister in law and family have gone back to Indiana.....and now.....I miss them terribly.  The sister in law that lives here comes over a couple times a week though....and brings my niece and my grand niece, too, so that's something nice.  I love me some baby huggging.

I........think I'm rambling.  Eh.  Pfft.



  1. It's always strange how quiet a house can sound when company leaves.

  2. Get rested up sister!

  3. Hi Amy,
    Hmmm ... are you sure it was just tap water and not Holy Water you used to banish the Demon ...?

  4. You miss your IN-LAWS!!!  That's unusual in most families, it must be REALLY QUIET.... LOL!!!


  5. Hey you are one up on least you have an excuse...I don't make sense & I've slept! HA!

  6. Nice to hear from you Amy and that you are as busy and full on as ever, despite the empty-ish house!  I used to take care of children all the time to help supplement our income when my kids were growing up.  Some were really pleasant experiences and others . . . well, we just won't talk about them! haha
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Do you want me to post you some Marmite Cheddar bites?
    Mmmmm cheese and yeast extract :o)

    I thought you were going to sat "turning on the tap water and sticking her head under"

    Maybe I shouldnt be allowed kids!

  8. It's about time you got back here! Wake UP!  xoxo Rosemary

  9. "Satan, Begone!" <snort!>

    I'm still coming down from the Pacific time zone. I stayed up all night last night and slept a few hours today. When I told my Mom that I've never had such a hard time dealing with a time change, she said, "Well, you're getting older, Honey!" We both cracked up!


  10. all my Satans have been banished...and start returning tomorrow morning...I am enjoying th equiet but it is starting to wear on me!!!

  11. I know all about the "I'm so tired I don't know what I am saying."  Seems to be the norm for me anymore.  :-(  Glad you had such a nice time with your family.



  12. I am so there... too tired to know what I'm saying or where I am LOL..... we still have company from Florida here too.... I cannot remember what it is like to have an empty house!!!


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