Saturday, September 13, 2008

Because it just gets funnier by the day...

Ads.  How they make me giggle.

Today's ad of choice?  Here it is:

From Nordstroms....

Unfortunately, they do not mention where the rest of your fat will get dispersed. 

(NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO...........not the dreaed 'muffin top'!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

moving right along, I have been crazy busy.  or 'crazy' AND 'busy'.  Either or.

Valencia, my curly headed Lovely One, has moved on to daycare.  I am very sad about this and the daycare is on my list.  THAT list.  mmhmm.  I'll leave it there.  BUT.....Diana was getting back home late after picking her up in the evening and it was getting tiring for she went to day care.  Of course, I'll still be available in case the day care goes bankrupt and closes overnight.  ::Amy walks away whistling::

To fill the huge empty void, there is my amazingly gorgeous, oh-so-adorable, hilariously funny niece, Arazely.  (It's pronounced 'ARE - UH - SELL - EE')  I've been getting to see her alot now.....and though I have to share her with Ryan (WHO IS A BABY HOG) I am having fun.  She's almost 2 months now and is laughing and smiling and 'talking' back.  I got to give her a bath last night.  She laughed through the whole thing.  I don't know what was funny, but as long as she's happy, I'm happy.

Also, she likes to walk.  Rather, she like YOU to get up and walk while carrying her.  Here's how her stream of consciousness goes "I'm mad I'm mad I'm mad get up get up get up I'm going to screammmm thank youuuuuu"

Then she smiles after you get up.  'cause she rules the house and she knows it.



  1. The only muffin top I find attractive is one with blueberries in it.

    Your niece is adorable! Sounds like she's got a certain auntie wrapped around her tiny little finger...!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. cute baby!

    It comes out the other end...doesn't say tummy & butt tuck! HA!

  3. What a beautiful little girl.  You are so blessed, love every minute of it!  Sue

  4. That photo made me laugh out loud. She's got you all wrapped around her finger, you can see from the picture.


  5. She is beautiful! :)

    I'm sorry your other niece is now in daycare :(.

  6. You're SO lucky to have babies around to spoil.

  7. Those damn jeans make for a super flat ass too, grrrr! I give up!!
    Martha :-)

  8. She's a CUTIE!!!


  9. awww...she's such a cutie!  You must really enjoy the time you get to spend with her!

  10. What a beautiful baby!  Pretty name too!  Glad to see Ike didn't blow you away.  

    Love ya!~


  11. Isn't she just precious?  What a little angel. I'm not surprised Ryan hogs her for cuddles.  You wouldn't get a look in if I were in the room too.   hahahaha!
    Have lots of giggly huggly moments with her.

    Jeanie xxx


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