Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here's hoping it can all be fixed with some chocolate cake


I tend to not talk much about my feelings.  Most of you that have been around for a while know this.  It doesn't help me to 'get it out' and more often than not, it will create some sort of drama, so I just don't bother..... but lately, I have just been feeling tense and indifferent.

(cue the Texas homeschooling mother jokes)

I've been sleeping well since the last entry, so that Xs that out, and my eating habits are fine, so....


I'm a ray of sunshine, aren't I? 


  1. Chocolate cake fixes everything.  It's like the eleventh commandment or something.  "Must eat chocolate cake daily."

  2. Chocolate cake is good...but cheesecake is better.
    Right now I think I need about three of them.

  3. Maybe you just need a holiday.
    I have a headache if thats of any consolation :o)

  4. Maybe it's a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder? I know that this time of year, heading into winter, I always feel a little out of sorts. It's not so much the weather--it's still beautiful here--it's the sunlight. There's less of it, and I can tell the angle has changed. I'll adjust, but I can definitely feel the difference.

    I'm glad you slept well, though!


  5. SAD runs in my family on both sides.  It really shows up in my family members as the days get shorter.  Regardless, you know where to find me if ya need me.  You have so always been there for me!

    Love ya!~


  6. A nice piece of sticky gooey chocolate cake will fix anything!   Just you hang in there doesn't hurt either to let it all out you know.  Your friends are here to listen.
    I am on citalopram which has given me a boost.  Something to do with helping with the seratonin in my brain.  It helps me sleep like a log and it has fair chilled me out too!  Non addictive I believe, so it might help you out.  It's like have sunshine in tablet form plus a gentle knock on the head with a pillow as you lay your head down at the end of the day.   lol!
    When I'm really low I like to sing...'The sun had got his hat on..hip hip hip hoorah! The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play...woohooo!  I am definitely a cadbury's fruit and nutcase.   Chin up my angel.
    Love you lots!

    Big Hug

    Jeanie xxx

  7. chocolate is a sure cure all.

  8. ((((((((((((((((((((Amy Honey)))))))))))))))))))))) I hope you are feeling better....I empathize with you because I do the same thing about my mind, not sleeping just feeling as if I am in a fog half the time.  C. get's really irritated at me, I think she thinks I forget things on purpose ~ I don't, things just fly by me at times without even seeing it.  I'd make you my Chocolate Mocha Tiramisu Layer Cake if I were closer :( It would definitely cheer you up... Blessings** Teresa

  9. yeah I know what u mean, sometimes talking about it just makes it worse, but I think its depending on who your talking too, some people when u talk to them about how u feel u always end up feeling worse than before but some people actually know how to help u feel better, then sometimes no matter how much you talk about it or who u talk to u just dont feel better and have to just wait it out...I dont know why...but thats life for ya. Hope u will feel better soon.

  10. Hello sunshine ;-)
    I hope things are going better. We are here if you do want to post about how you're feeling. I very rarely do that either on my journals - but once in a while it really does help.

  11. any SHIT in your water?  No?  Get over it!

    Just kidding.  I love you, and I hope you're happier real soon.

  12. Open a private journal for just those times when you need to talk, but want to keep it private!!

    Always here for you....


  13. You know I have been feeling the same way.  I think there is a huge disruption in the "force" and we sensitive types are feeling it!



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