Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maybe women in China don't eat cookies

As I sat here, this morning, sipping my coffee and contemplating what kind of cookies I should bake today (thank you and your evil chocolate cookies, Marie!  LOL).......I decided to check my MySpace as well......you know....get the messages and whatnot out of the way.

When I was finished with it, I went to click to sign out.

Instead of getting the 'Thank you for signing out' business, I got this:


Yeah, thanks for that.

but wait a minute........

I don't really know that many overweight Chinese women.  Do you?

Hmm....I think that ad is a bunch of malarkey.

Back to what kind of cookies I'm making. 


  1. What a lovely ad, too!

    You go right ahead and make those cookies, honey, and you ENJOY 'em!


  2. I want cookies!!!


  3. I've been hearing about these Chinese herbal remedies for quick and easy weight loss, and I'm tempted...but then I remember it was stuff imported from China that poisoned our pets' food last year.

    Hmmm...risk death to be think, or eat another cupcake?

    I'll take the cupcake. :-D

  4. Can anything that comes out of China be good?  I dun't think so!  Eat the cookies.  They're probably better for you than any of that garbage from China.
    Mind you, I'm fat so you probably shouldn't listen to me either! haha

  5. Can the ads truly get any more offensive? Pass the cookies, now you got me wanting some...(Hugs)Indigo

  6. Ahh, fergit the ad and pass me the damn cookies!  ::gigglechoke::

    Love ya!~


  7. I agree with your theory that they dont eat cookies...lol

  8. Oh man...does that man I can't eat Chinese food anymore? Dang! Leggo my Eggroll! :-) How am I going to get my free fortune now? (and in bed having sex...remember! HA!)

  9. Hi Amy,
    I know just how you feel.  I can't understand why every time I open Facebook, I'm greeted with an ad that encourages me to join a network for "older individuals, over 40."  They advertise it as "the network for people who have lived a little."  Sheesh ... why not just send me a pop-up ad that says I'm over the hill and be done with it ...

  10. You know, I got that same message. Now, I understand why they sent it to me, but you? Nah.

    And I thought the same thing you did.


  11. I've been wanting to get a MySpace account... I think I'll just skip it!!  LOL!!



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