Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tattoo sleeves with a little chile on the side

Some of y'all wanted to know what tattoo sleeves are.  Well, in general, getting a 'sleeve' is known as having your whole arm tattoed....thereby looking like a sleeve.  However, my kid has the pain tolerance of a neurotic ferret, so that wouldn't really be an option for him.......but he LOVES the look (much like his momma). mom got him these 'sleeves' that are much like a pair of nylon pantyhose....only for your arms....with tattoo designs on them.

Here's a link so you all can take a peek....Tattoo Sleeves - Slip on Body Art <----- Now, my mom said she got them at WalMart for about $3.00 each (in the toy section, of all places)...

........and here's a pic of Alex wearing the sleeves.... (sorry about the crappy picture quality.  Jesse is still deciding where to buy the camera I want.  ::pause::  Gyahhhhh just buy the damn camera!!!!!)

.......and moving along to something else I was asked......

Rosemary wanted to know what was up with the chile I was talking about.

Now, this isn't chili like chili on top of your hot dog.  I'm talking about chile.  (The pronounciation difference is 'chilly' and 'cheeelay') Chile to us - and I say 'us' because I'm an honorary Mexican - is something hot..usually a salsa, but it could also be those red pepper flakes like people put on their pizza.

Anyway....whenever my MIL comes into town, as soon as she gets settled at the house, she says "Tiene chile, mija?" (translation:  Do you have chile, honey?)  I almost always say no, because she will make a batch of it, and she is an amazing cook.  It's not that hard to make it myself, but she makes it better, so she just makes a big batch to last us a month til she comes back to visit (which is once a month).

Usually, she uses chile serrano, which is a smaller green chile that looks like a skinny smaller version of a jalapeno, but is alot hotter.  What with the produce recalls going on, serranos are hard to find, so I've just been buying jalapenos.  I keep tomatoes, chile, onion, limes, and cilantro in the fridge at all times.  Never know when one might have a craving for salsa or pico de gallo (which is a 'salad' of sorts with chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime....)

Am I ever getting to the story here?  LOL  GETTING TO THE POINT.... I said no, I didn't have any chile, so she started to make some.  By boiling a tomato, 3 jalapeno peppers, and a little onion.  Normally, jalapeno peppers don't produce that much heat.  Normally.  But these?  Mary, Mother of Everything it was boiling, the heat started to make my eyes water.  Then I started to sneeze.  Then I started to cough.

(hold on.  this is a long entry and I'm going to hit Save and then go back and finish the story.  It would suck if I lost all this typing)

Okay...... so by then, everybody was hacking.  My MIL started giggling like a maniac and took the pot of boiling evil outside to air out the house.

After the air became safe to breathe again, she brought it back in to finish.  She put it in the blender and added whatever she adds to make it fabulous......and then she says 'Taste it okay?' That's what we always do.  She makes it, I taste it, I tell her how amazingly awesome it is.  This time, I grabbed a chip, leaned over the blender to dip it in there, and was assaulted by the BURN.  I couldn't even smell it, let alone taste it.  I'm thinking "What the crap?  From a jalapeno?  Jalapenos are for punks!" was hot.  It made me cry.

Usually, I eat alot of it on my tacos, but this time?  Not so much.  However, I still ate it.  'cause it's just.  that.  good.


  1. Ken's nephew has a tattoo-everything! All down his legs, torso, arms, up onto his neck...but he says he's saving his back for when he has a family. He's the coolest and sweetest kid!

    Chile would be way too hot for me, but I bet Ken would love it!


  2. You know me by now............ the hotter the better. I need to come visit when your MIL is over!
    Gaz xxx

  3. Wow, you make me sorry I came from a Pennsylvania WASP family that thought sauted onion in spaghetti sauce was daring! I can not eat such hot stuff, but you sure make it look gooa!
    PS I am reading some, just have no energy to comment much.

  4. I love salsa, but don't do HOT!!!  I figure, Why bother, you can't TASTE it, anyway... LOL!!!


  5. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for the info on the Tattoo sleeves ... had never heard of them before.  We just had tattoos at my one-year-old nephew's birthday party but not of the "sleeve variety."  Maybe next year.  I wonder if we can get a toddler size sleeve ...

  6. Cool sleeves! My son is wearing that same shirt as we speak by the way.
    You want to talk hot? I have habaneros growing in my veggie garden. Now I love really hot stuff, but these make me feel like I'm already burning in hell, LOL! Seriously, after eating some in a salsa I honestly thought I'd burned holes in my stomach and almost went to the ER! I'm not joking! LOL! I could send you some if you dare. I know I'm not touching those damn things again!! Martha :-)

  7. Thank you!  What a perfect day to tell this story...

    Are you certain that you bought Jalapenos and not habanaros?  I spend the day trying to recreate the salsa from Chilies.

    I had a few recepies.  I bought a can of those serranos tossed them in a blender with an onion... the I took some out and added it to some home made tomatoe puree from the  fresh tomatoes in our garden.  Tossed in some salt and cumin and Mother of Everything Holy!!!!!!!  it was feaking hot... and I like hot.

    Loved the B-day pic.  I love those tatoo sleaves.  They look so real.  And getting a tat only hurts for a little while.  Then it goes away and you have some nice art work...

    A neurotic ferret.  TEE HEEE


  8. Oh gosh I can't imagine eating anything that hot and enjoying it!!!  Maybe when I was younger, but this old dog can't take the heat nowadays! haha  Love your son's cool look in the photo!  Sweet!

  9. Those Tattoo sleeves are wicked cool. My SIL however has his own...Umm yeah he's an Army Tattoo maniac. Loved the story of the Chile <---you pronounce it , I spelled it right (winks)...Stuff that hot tends to burn coming out the other way too...Another SIL story for another time...(Hugs)Indigo


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