Monday, September 1, 2008

What do you expect for a dollar....

My day was pretty beautician with my a little shopping......come home and get gassed out of the house by the strength of the chile (salsa) that my MIL was making (totally normal occurance).....go out to dinner at Taco Bell......go to the movies.......

Now which one of those things do you think I'm going to talk about?

I'll wait while you discuss it amongst yourselves.

::Amy jams along to the muzak playing in her head::

What's that?

The movies?!

Well, yes.  Yes, indeed, you are correct.

We decided to go to Cinemark (aka The Dollar Theater) to see Hancock.

(Totally good movie.)

Then, Jesse leans over to me and says ' may want to put your feet up.'

I look at him and say 'Why?  Did somebody spill their soda?!'
He says 'I just saw a huge-ass rat.'
Its' body was 5-6 inches long!  WTFH....... the manager was all "....but we spray every two weeks!" 
Uhhhh....and?  You need to get some new people then, because those slackers are not doing their job! 
That was like something you see in a New York sewer!  Gyahhh........ I told Jesse "Are you sure that wasn't a possum?!"
So, we sat through the last half of the movie with our feet up.  I lost feeling in my leg, but at least my feet weren't on the floor.  By the time we got up to leave, my leg was all numb.  I walked out of there like I had been drinking.
So.  If you happen to be visiting San Antonio, and you decide you want to see a movie for a dollar, don't wear sandals.  Also, don't put your drink or popcorn on the floor.
I'm just saying. 
*This is a true story.  Names were not changed to protect the innocent.  Or guilty.  Or whatever.


  1. Hi Amy,
    Yikes.  OK, so it's a "dollar" theater but that doesn't mean they can open their doors to the rodent community.  I think the Board of Health needs to pay them a little visit!

  2. Oh my goodness...I can't imagine!  I don' t think I'd ever be going to movies there again, dollar or not!

  3. Mice scare me...but I absolutely HATE rats!!!  Ewwwww!!!

  4. omg Ill rent

  5. Oh hell no. That is wrong on SO many levels.



  6. I didn't know there were any dollar theaters in SA.  Have you been to the Alamo Draft house theater?  We liked that one cause you could eat dinner and drink beer while watching the movie.

  7. I'm surprised you didnt adopt it!

  8. I wanted to hear more about the chili!

  9. Gaaaahhh! Yuck-O! Can you imagine if it had run over your foot? Yee-ikes!

    I thought you were going to talk about Taco Bell. ;)


  10. The rat was part of the new clean up crew they hired.

  11. Yeah, I've heard about rats for hire.  They hire them to eat all the food scraps people drop so they don't hafta sweep.  Mwahahahahahahaaaa...


    Love ya,


  12. Sheesh, I would have screamed the fkn house down!
    Gaz ;-)

  13. How horrible!  I hope you complained very loudly!  (How was the movie?)

  14. Oh my jeez...I would have been soooo freaked out  LOL ~ <shudder> I can just imagine that sucker running over my feet or something and me throwing popcorn in the air, screaming and running for the door and then by the time that manager know what had hit him I would have chewed his butt out and left him smokin' ROFL... damn : x  that's bad Amy LOL again.  Would Jess have saved you??? <grin> I think so. Hell, C. would have been right behind me running screaming out the door LOLOLOL.  Blessings and more Mucho Hugglez** Teresa


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