Thursday, October 16, 2008

I just ramble and hope it's cohesive, okay, people?!

It wonderful to sit where I am right now....with my door open and cool air blowing in like mad. The past day or two has been partly cloudy to full on pouring down rain, and of course that is when I'm at my happiest. Summer in Texas is just really sucky for me. Well, I mean....not really, because I don't stick my head out the door much. The neighbors probably think Jesse is a single father or something "I didn't know he had a wife!!!" Let's hope the cool air stays. It helps with my depression.

*Hummm...what else do I have to say.....other than the fact that I just came around the kitchen island and saw my DOG on the TABLE! Of course, I yelled at her and she hopped off all innocent-like. A minute later, I notice this weird sound. The dog had made off with a whole slice of pizza and was trying to swallow it whole! Frickin' animal. Guess who is gonna be cleaning up after her. Tsk.

*OH! and y'all need to check this out.....okay, I've have this blog name for a good while, right? Well, yesterday, I was looking through ThinkGeek and found this: ThinkGeek :: meh babydoll tee . CAN YOU STAND IT?!?!?! I must have it. Luckily for me, the baby doll style comes in XXL 'cause momma has her some child-bearin' hips.

*I got quite a few emails with suggestions for my jacked up knee, shoulder, neck, and whatever other body part happens to hurt....thank you for those! I DO love yoga, C! I used to do it all the time, but then for some reason, the kids glommed onto me like an octopus with its' last meal and that make it a little more difficult to get me 'ohm' on. (I know! My kids are 18, 17, and 10. You'd think they would want to be as far away from me as possible. But, no. If they can't find me, a search party is called. It's real fun when I sneak behind the pantry door and sit on the dryer for a few minutes to myself. But then the dog sits right next to the door and stares at it and my cover is blown.....wait.....I just totally did an A.D.D. thing, didn't I? What the crap....LOL) BACK TO THE PAIN ISSUE....uhmm....Vicodin, she is my friend. Now, if I could just win over Morphine, we would be havin' some wild parties. (I know what you're thinking - 'Gee....she sure takes alot of drugs.....that can't be good...' and yeah, I do....but dammit, I'm tired of hurting. It makes me exhausted in every sense of the word.)

*About Ryan - she had her doctors appt. today with the surgeon and he wants to get all of her previous tests to reevaluate them, but more than likely, he is saying her gall bladder should come out. Sadly, somebody told Ryan that the surgery would only give her one tiny scar. That, however, is not the case. It will be 4 (FOUR!) incisions. Crikey. She's bummed because she is self conscious of her body as it is....and she didn't want something else to feel awkward about. I, personally, think that she is way more gorgeous than me, and I don't have much problem in wearing a two piece


  1. Thank goodness our dog can't get on the table. lol

  2. I've just got up.
    I opened the curtains and it is a sunny day with clear blue skies.
    It is 56F in the house so I've had to pop the heating on for a while.
    You can keep you Texas weather.

  3. Lol at your dog! I got a mental picture of that. Have a good weekend.

  4. Sorry to hear that Ryan does need the surgery. She is lucky though, just a few years back they would cut you all the way across your stomach to take out your gallbladder, but now it's done laproscopically, so the incisions are pretty small. She will still look beautiful afterwards and be able to wear that bikini. :)

    I love this time of the year too. You and I are the same, the Summer heat/sun/etc. depresses me, while the cold rejuvenates. Hope you have a good day today!
    LL Cool Whip

  5. Oh my Goddess LOLOL Lares & Draco would be up on the table in a minute if they could ROFL ::can just see them now:: we sit to eat dinner and between the two of them sitting right beside us bestowing us with "woofs, groans, barks" and salivating on the floor cuz they want their bite it's crazy... it's hush Draco this or Lares! Stop that! that :)
    I hope you feel better much soon Amy... I understand about the depression thing and it's very hard and draining.
    Blessings & Love* Teresa

  6. I remember when our old dog stole my Christmas turkey...yup...those were the days. Lol!
    'So glad you made it here.
    'sorry to here that Ryan has to have a gall bladder op'. I had mine out many years ago and you would have thought I was having heart surgery! My daughter had hers out by keyhole surgery and you can't tell they have been inside. Tell Ryan not to worry. The little scars will disappear.
    Jeanie xxx

  7. Amy,

    I saw on Marie's blog you live in SA. Me too! I know it's really hard here in the fall. Everyone else is wearing jackets and eating all sorts of stew, when it's 80 degrees here! Hopefully it will cool down for good by Thanksgiving. If I have to wear shorts again, I'll cry!

  8. I can show Ryan pics of my gall bladder scars. Only the main one is still visible and that is cause I am still healing. They are TEENY TINY! And...I plan on getting a tattoo to cover what might be left.

  9. Let Ryan know that the scars from a gallbladder surgery arent that bad. I have 3 or 4 they are about 3/8th of an inch long each with 3 teeny tiny dots on each side of them. I didn't even use any cream on them and they are barely noticable.

  10. It's amazing what they can do to reduce scarring these days. I had to have a minor surgery when I was a baby, and I've STILL got that scar! I don't think Ryan needs to worry about scars.

    Enjoy your weather! Want me to send you some snow when we get some?


  11. FOUR?? What are the other three for? Practice?


  12. So I'm pretty sure I've never even left you one comment and I've been reading your journal, im not a crazy stalker just not good with leaving comments LOL...Anyway You should go get a massage, it helps with the aches and pains, I'm a massage therapist, if I lived near you I'd help you out, but since I dont, thats just my suggestion~Tara

  13. My first cat used to love to snatch up table food and run with it. I can relate! lol

    I'll think good thoughts for Ryan.

    And it's all very cohesive, Amy. :-)


  14. Hi Amy,
    Good luck to Ryan with the surgery ... she shouldn't feel self conscious at all about this.

  15. I'm telling you, a few cold ones with me in the evening and you'll be feeling just fine!
    Yoga? - MEH! ;-)

  16. We had a gloomy day for most of it, but finally the clouds parted and we had a bit of sunshine. And oh...what a nice breeze we had!
    Love ya,

  17. I think if MJ got on the table it would collapse. It's not that big of a table and she is big like Gordo, lol. I feel yore pain, sista. Wish I could make it betta. You know I would!~

    Love ya!~


    P.S. Hope Ryan is doing better.


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