Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lysol and Bleach Smell Better Than the Alternative

......which would be vomit.

The past three days have been oh-so-fun. Adrian started the fun with some throwing up and other....things. He needed me to lay down with him every waking minute of the day, of course.
That impeded my ability to clean the house - and believe me when I say the house needed cleaning.

Last night, I stayed up til 3 AM. Cleaning. I mopped the floors. The dishes were done. The counters were scrubbed. The floor was picked up (dog toys). Etc.

At 6 AM, I was awakened to the sound of retching. From Alex. Now, with Adrian, I can explain to him that he has a stomach bug and he will get better, and he gets it. He hates it, but he gets it. Alex, on the other hand, is mentally delayed. The 'Why?' aspect of things eludes him. It about broke my heart when he was standing there just shaking and retching and looking at me with this face....oh my gosh... He told me his back hurt, his tummy hurt, his head hurt....he wanted me to lay down with him....which is a big thing because Alex has some Autistic tendencies - one of them being that he does not like to be cuddled much. He's getting better with it, but still.....he wanted me to lay down with him, so I knew he was miserable.

Between 6 AM and now, he has thrown up three times. (I won't talk about the other issues.) I've mopped. I've done laundry. I' get the idea.

THEN....Jesse calls me to ask me what I'm doing for Adrian's Halloween costume (he has a party to go to tonight), and by the way, he has diarrhea and he's nauseous. WHAT THE.....OH, COME ON! Dang it!

Feel free to lavish me with pity. (Well, not really. If *I* get the cooties, then you can...)


  1. OMG...You bring back memories. I am the mother of 2 sons with Asperger's Syndrome. Sympathy (though I sympathise) won't help as much as the hope I can offer you.

    It gets better. It gets easier and eventually, God willing...they learn to adapt to our *normal* (for lack of a better word) world.

    I love my kids and their autism. My daughter has a touch of it too. I don't think I would have been as good of a mother if they would have been (once called) *normal* and my life wouldn't have been nearly as full or interesting.

    Even moments like these will someday become cherished memories when he doesn't need you as much as he once did. I can see you are a smart enough mother to cherish them now. He's a lucky kid.

  2. My daughter Skye could never, I mean ever make it to the toilet, bucket you name it. She was what I used to call the hose, if it was coming you could guarantee everything was getting hosed down....I don't miss it, but I truly do understand what that's like and to think you have 2 of them. Wow...

    (Gives Amy a big hug, after she puts a clothespin on her nose) No offense, but I get the gag thing going if I smell that. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Ah, I found you! I'd lost track of you since the big move, but I found this link on someone else's blog.

  4. Oh dear, that sounds like no fun at all. Poor little guys--that's such a miserable feeling.

    I hope it's a very short-lived bug.

    {{hugs}} Beth

  5. (((Amy and kids))) I'm sorry, hon. You definitely need some you time, that is for sure! Chocolate always helps me :) Lotsa' hugs and healthy vibes coming your way....

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  7. Pity, pity, pity! Sending you lots of it. I hate puke! I can handle anything else, but that, uggghhh! Poor babies! Feel better soon!!!
    LL Cool Whip

  8. OMG! Everyone is my house is sick too. I've been sick, Collin went to the doctor the other day and he's on meds now. Still, I'm grateful it's not puke! I hate puke! I puke when I see puke. I can't even hear people puke or I want too. Hopefully, everyone's better soon!

  9. I will definitely lavish you with pity - we all just got over the stomach flu last week! I hope you guys didn't catch it from me! ;-)

  10. My Mom and Stepdad had that two weekends ago. I tried very hard to keep my distance during that time! I HATE that! Though I don't really know anyone who enjoys it. Hope you are all feeling better real soon!~

    Sending love, hugs, and prayers,


  11. You poor, sweet thing! Dang! I hope things are better by now.


  12. ((((Hugs)))) I so feel for you Amy. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I remember those days well. By the time it got to the last of the five children it would start all over again with the first! Thankfully I am not a person that gets sick very often. Someone had to be lucid enough to take care of everyone else!

  13. sorry...SHE could never ever hit the toilet or a bucket, even if it were in her you have my hugs....

  14. Oh dear, you've got your hands full there, Amy...


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