Friday, October 10, 2008

Meh. Whatever.

Still nothing on the Journal Transfer front.  It gives me the same message every time.  My email supposedly doesn't exist.

It's getting frustrating, really....and I'm starting not to care.  I mean, really.....I don't have enough crap in my life?!  omg....


  1. Ok calm down!
    Why not just create a new email address and then create a brand spanking new blog from that. You can call it "AOL can suck it" or something similar.
    Or not.
    At least you dont have sore feet and achey legs.

  2. AOL-CSI sounds like a good name as your previous comment suggested. Why not just set up a new one using the email you normally sign in on blogger under, and just leave us a link to the new one here! Just start fresh :-)

  3. "Looks like she made it!" (sung to the Barry Manilow tune)

    Nice to see you here--c'mon by when you can!


  4. Glad to see you made it! Now, there is another issue - but it might not be just on yours - the "follow" thing isn't letting me in. I'm getting "error code bX-l4b657" I'll try again in a little while :-)

  5. Hey Girlfriend!~ I had something to say and now my menopausal brain is just totally spacing out, so when my brain comes back, I'll be back. Oh wait...I feel it coming...coming...I'm you're first follower! That's waaaaaaay kewl!

    Love ya!~


    P.S. I am still using my AOL email for now.

  6. Ok, I am following you now - Ahhh, my life is complete, LOL :-)

  7. I'm getting the same message when I try to 'follow' people....but I finally migrated, so for now, I'm happy...LOL


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