Saturday, October 11, 2008

mmm - cake

Alright then.....back to my normal rambling.

This past weekend was a birthday weekend. Of the family that lives here, We have a birthday on October 1st, 3rd, & 5th. (More in the same month of family who doesn't live here)

Most importantly though, my youngest child....has now hit the double digits.

He's 10.

I'm not sad, because he's much like he was at 9. or 8. He needs his mom (even though we try to be 'cool' about that). He still holds my hand unconsciously. It's okay - he's just making sure his feeble tottering mother doesn't tip over. hee hee....
Who wants cake?! It's chocolate!


  1. Hi Amy,
    That cake looks great ... count me in!

  2. MMMmmm cake. Yes, please!

    I swear, he looks so much like my baby (who is 8).


    BTW, same Heather, different name.


  3. Happy Birthday! The first dbl digits aren't bad, he's still a few years away from the sass back digits. I can't say for sure, it's been 10 years since mine was that age *winks* and time speeds ahead. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Happy Birthday to your baby!

    I'd take you up on the cake, but I'm still too stuffed from my Mom's birthday party, and the pineapple cake that my sister made. Yummmmm!


  5. Enjoy it while you can! Once they hit 14 - we are just people in their way - unless we are driving them somewhere ::sigh::
    Send cake! :-)

  6. Mmmm, chocolate! Thas why I'm so fat! Happy Birthday, Adrian! Thanks for what you said in my blog about liking me just the way I am. You are a treasure. I'm ready to move to SA now.

    Love ya!~


  7. Yaayyy!! You did it! So glad you got her safe and sound and Happy Birthday to your baby! That cake looks fabulous!

  8. I am off to my parents today. They better have cake for me or else!
    Happy Birthday to the little guy.

  9. LOL uh uh you don't teeter unless maybe a few too many shots of tequila ROFL. The cake looks YUMMY...(mouth drooling here)~ Blessings* Teresa

    and I'm SO glad you made it here!

  10. How sweet! Great looking cake too!

  11. Enjoy that cake---sounds delicious!!

    I KWYM about not believing he's 10--my Emmy will be 10 on the 28th and I'm in serious denial, lol.

  12. Ten years ago I received the BEST birthday gift of my life. And look at Adrain now!!! He's so handsome. Give him a HUGE kiss and hug from me. Love ya bunches

  13. Holy crap! I can comment on your blog again! Yayyyyy! (Yeah, AOL just disappeared my account a while back for some reason).

    Hey, CAKE. Yummy. Happy birfday to the little man!

  14. Good to find you here on "the other side".


  15. Happy Birthday to Adrian!! Even if it is a few days late.
    Good to see you here!
    I'm at:
    :) Leigh

  16. A landmark age, 10 is. Good luck.


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