Friday, October 24, 2008

My Eyeball Popping Out Would Probably Be Worse

Well. Sure, I had some good times with that dose of Ambien, but of course there has to be something negative to counter the good, right?

A few days after my awesome sleep, I got The Mother Of All Migraines. Okay, not really. I've had worse (unfortunately). It was pretty bad though. The actual migraine wasn't half as bad as the recovery. My usual routine with migraines is that I start to see weird lines or bright lights in my peripheral vision and then that goes away. Then I either totally go blind (black) or lose partial vision. Neither of which hurts that much....but it is disorienting. It's after the vision freak-out that the pain comes. Crying will just make it worse, so I pretty much just lay there and wait. Most of the time, the headache goes away, and it's a little sore for the rest of the evening. Not this time, though. Holy Moses, I couldn't move my head for two days for fear of my eyeball falling out (and I watch House, M.D. I know that kind of freaky crap can happen!).

This evening was the first time in days that I have been downstairs. I went outside, too, and the fresh air helped, as well.

I have to admit, I got some good chuckles from y'alls comments about the Ambien, though. Sleep eating? I really don't think I need help with that. LOL Then again, if I got some sleep like I had the last time, maybe I wouldn't care.


  1. Oh wow, that sucks. I have had migrane once in my life and was so scared as I didn't know what was happening. My sympathies are with ya. I love that walk near by where you live, it look so peacefull.
    Gaz xx

  2. I'm glad that you are feeling better Amy. Migraines are no fun for sure. My Todd gets them. They start with wavy vision, like zig zags and then progress. Laying down in a cool dark room is the best thing for him when it happens.

  3. Its a really chilly morning here today.
    I am eating toast and drinking a cup of tea.
    I have no idea what to comment about.

    I have now finished my toast.

    Maybe I will cut my toenails later...maybe not.
    Ooh the suspense!

  4. That is terrible! Glad you are feeling a bit better now though. Those migraine hangovers really take awhile to go away.
    LL Cool Whip

  5. Argh, that sounds awful. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. And that you're eyeball stayed in its socket.

    Hugs, Beth

  6. Ugh! Migraines are the worst! Well, not the very worst, things in our bodies exploding are the worst - but I've only had that happen once, LOL!
    Sounds like you need some percocets to go with the Ambien - yikes!
    So glad your eyeball didn't pop out! Hope you're all better soon!

  7. I hope you are feeling better Amy. I get those rotten things also and they are so NOT fun ~ thing is I've had to take Ambien a couple nights in a row and by the 3rd or
    4th day I will have a hell of a migraine..eww. I hope you come by my new blog soon... Blessings* Teresa

    just click on my pic if you want to.

  8. Are you sure its the ambien that triggered the migraine? I have migraines and have use dambien quiet a bit, never triggered mine. I would hate to have you lose sleep over a chocolate or cheese headache y'know. Gotta watch out for sleep halucinations. Seriously My sister halucinated that I got up and cooked a full course meal and watched movies all night one time when I took ambien. Musta been her imagination, cause I felt pretty well rested.

  9. Oh honey -- I want you to have a pain-free, worry-free week very badly.



  10. Melatonin. I take a 3 mg one (GNC has some extended-release pills) and I'm out like a light for at least 8 hours, no side effects.

    For your average weeknight bout of insomnia, where you know you'll have to get up at 6 o'fucking'clock in the morning, anyway, GNC 1 mg sublingual tablets. I buy 'em four bottles at a time.

    I think I've only had one migraine in my life, but I seriously thought I was dying. So, so bad. ::hugs::

    My offspring will be in S.A. for five or six days soon. Yikes. I'm gonna have to give her some pocket money, aren't I?

  11. Ouch! Glad you're feeling a bit better, now.
    Hope you can find something that works, without side affects.


  12. Oh man. I HATE headaches! My sympathies to you. I get some incredible headaches that I thought were migraines (sensitivity to light and sound with nausesa) but haven't had the vision disturbances with a headache until a few weeks ago.

    I am actually glad to hear that this is a migrain symptom. I was afraid I'd had a stroke.

    I second emily's recommendation of Melatonin for sleep. It is great stuff and doesn't screw you up. Just make sure you take it early in the evening before your regular bed time. If I take it at 3am I won't wake up until at least 9am.

    Take it easy, get feeling better and try the melatonin. It is OTC and you can get it in the vitamin section at Wal Mart.

  13. I am so sorry about your migraine! I have been having them, too, as you know. I usually see green dots, but the worst ones are where my vision goes all watery at the edges. I thought I was having a stroke the first time it happened. I called my Dad who is a Dr. who calmed me down, the first time. I take topamax three times a day, get shots in my head every three months and have migraine meds plus vicodin on hand. I still get those suckers. It makes me really tired for at least a day or two after the pain is gone, too.
    Glad you're feeling better now, though!

  14. You're the second journaler that I come across with a migraine, Amy. Hope things are better now.

  15. Oh, poor you!! Ambien gives me consequence free sleep. Sorry that the same is not true for you.

    Feel better!!

  16. Found your blog because of the 'Meh'. I'm a meh user ;)

    Migraines suck, sorry you got hit with one.

    Hope you don't mind another stalker, uh...follower. Take it easy.

  17. I'm just glad your feeling better. Just remember...if you wake up and you find a foot long chili dog on your bed...well, maybe it was the Ambien. LMAO

  18. Hi Amy, I totally sympathize with you. Had a bad migraine last week. Similar synthoms as yours. I always think I'm discending int hell! Did not take my tablets in time and everything "exploded". I usually take Imigran (sumatriptan) which nromally helps but I have to take it as soon as I can "feel" the so-called aura, otherwise I'm trouble like you. Wish you that it won't come back again. All the ebst. Antonella

  19. My Mom gets up in her sleep and eats and she will take her meds again after she has already taken them while she is asleep. My Stepdad has to hide them from her and dose her himself. Carrie and I took Seroquel for a while. The dose was too strong for me. I could quarter it and it would be enough for me, but it sure helped me sleep! I still have bouts of insomnia sometimes. :-(

    Love ya!~



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