Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Blather

It seems that the stomach issues are slowing going away. Adrian is better. Alex is getting there. Jesse, however, is still not feeling so great. Luckily for him, he gets Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays off, so he can take it easy if he needs to. He's got chills and some tummy rumbling, but he says he should be better by tomorrow. I think not, but we'll see.

Ryan and I have so far been lucky that we haven't gotten sick. We're always tired, but that's nothing new. On the upside, I haven't had to cook for the past three days because nobody really wants to eat.

Other than that, I'm drawing a blank. I start to type something and then backspace, thinking 'Uch....that's boring....who cares about that...' Yeah, I'm that interesting. Maybe I should go finish my book. I'm reading 'Tis by Frank McCourt. It makes me laugh because there are these bizarre funny little sayings throughout the book, and my grandma (being Irish herself, like Mr. McCourt) always had these funny little sayings as well, that never really made a whole lot of sense if you thought about them. "Dumber than owl shit"? What does that mean?!


  1. Way to go, seeing the silver lining that comes with a stomach flu: no cooking!

    There's ALWAYS a silver lining to things, isn't there?

    Seriously, I'm glad everyone is starting to feel better. Don't get it, Amy!

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Glad to hear that everyone is feeling a bit better and that it the dirges have thus far escaped you!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I hope everyone gets their appetite back soon ... sounds like they need nourishment!

  4. Whatever you and Ryan are doing over there, Amy, keep it up. They need you healthy!


  5. Owl shit is pretty dumb.
    My dad always says "As thick as numpty"

  6. Glad everyone is feeling better :-)

  7. Glad that everyone is starting to feel better.

  8. My grandmother always used to say: "You are nuttier than the damn squirrel."

    Hope that health returns to all at Chez Amy!

  9. Fingers crossed you and Ryan continue with the luck and don't get sick. Thanks for the heads up on the book, sounds like something I would enjoy. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Y'know, this is going to sound batshit insane and all, but really, what's new?

    Anyway, what I was going to say is that though I LOATHE getting stomach bugs, and dread them immensely, and fight the vomiting with everything I've got even though I know once I DO throw up, I'll feel better, at least for a little bit...

    After it's over? I feel totally good.

    Think of it this way. It's not a stomach bug. It's detox. People pay big $ for that stuff. Colon cleansing treatments? Pfft. Go cheap, eat bad shrimp.

    Just sayin'. ;-)

  11. My Nana Arrants was a card. She always said stuff that made us howl with laughter. One time, one of my brother's friends told him to kiss his ass. My Nana heard it and said, "You got a neck like a crane, through your head over your shoulder and kiss your own ass." I literally rolled in the floor laughing at that one, lololol. I miss her so much. ::sniff::

    Love ya!~


    P.S. Glad your fam is starting to feel betta.


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