Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time for a little change....

I was at WalMart today, and wandered into the hair color aisle.

Hmm.....should I?

I always look and that's usually the end of it, but today.....I picked up that box and plopped it in my cart.

Whooo....I'm a wild woman, aren't I?!
My hair is red....like the above color.

What did I pick?! I'll post again later after y'all tell me what color you think I picked!


  1. I can't even begin to guess Amy, but I bet it looks fab! You are such a pretty lady anyways!

  2. Purple... please say you chose purple!

  3. "Purple" :o) Thats my girl.

    I think you have gone green for a change...with orange horizontal stripes.

  4. ANYTHING but Blonde! LOL! Let's see... I think purple -would- be cool, but let's go for something more in line with your natural color like ummmmm..... Burgundy!

    Heh, actually I like Burgundy and have had my hair that color instead of my normal Auburn...

  5. Hi Amy,
    This is a tough one. Funny -- all the comments about Purple and I was thinking to myself that maybe you were planning a purple streak. But no, I'm going to guess some lighter shade ... something that would be a big change but probably not too blonde.

  6. Hydrience hair color in "Tropic". An awesome purpley-burgundy color that I had for a while. I loooooved it, but it was a lotta upkeep.

  7. My first impulse was to say purple, too! Ha ha!
    But I will go with auburn. Maybe you chose auburn?

  8. I'm sure it looks great. Are you going to show us a pic of you?

  9. I've done them all. up to date right now I'm closer to my original hair color, it's been years but it's finally a dark brown/blk. I was burgundy (purple) right before I had Skye thanks to the idiotic ex husband of mine at the time. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. Beautiful!!! You look great now though...

  11. I need to see your pic after its done!

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  13. I want it to be deep burgundy -purple too!! :-)

  14. Well, since I am reading new entries to older entries, I already know the answer to that question and how it turned out, so I would be cheating to answer now, wouldn't I? ;-)

    Love ya,



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