Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't Make Me Kill You....

First, for the sake of comedy, sit and watched the Blogger main page to see what journals are being updated. ::cackle:: Yikes.

.......We've watched Hairspray a few times the week (having received it from our Blockbuster queue). So much so, in fact, that I am singing along to the musical numbers. "Once I had a taste of chocolate, I ain't never goin' back...." Wait....what?

Jesse looks at me.

I look back.

Ryan says "Well....Mom does have a Jungle Fever thing going on......"

::cue the strangled choking from Amy::

ooooookay, moving right along.

Anyway, my Baby Girl has a job. She works at a place she loves. She is sweet and outgoing, and all the little old ladies love her. Her co workers love her. Well, most of them. There is one biotch who is just insufferable to everyone, but whatever. and her managers love her. There are four managers. So far, no problem, right? Sure. Except that one manager loves her a little too much. Uh huh. Yeah. That.

See, this guy is always trying to get close to her. When Ryan's boyfriend comes in to take her to lunch, said manager gets in a snit. Said manager is always telling her they need to work late so we shouldn't bother to come pick her up til late - and then suddenly, they are done early so he gets to sit and talk to her. Said manager HUGGED HER. ('getawaygetawaygetaway') SO. Ryan talked to the manager higher up that Creepy Dude. That manager said "Oh, I'll have a meeting next week and bring you two in to go over what's been happening." Ryan was like "WTF? I don't want a meeting with him! I'm not telling him to his face! OMG! Forget it!" and that was that.

Well. Then my Baby Girl called me on her break (to tell me the above) in the midst of a hysterical panic attack where she couldn't breathe, talk, or anything tell me what was going on. My job, first and foremost was to calm her down before she hyperventilated. I told her I was going to go pick her up from work. She said "No, mom......I don't want to just ditch work because I'm upset. I can deal....I just need to calm down." (This is how dedicated she is to her job.)

After I calmed her down, she hung up. Two minutes later, Jesse walked in the door. He looked at my face and said "What?! What happened?!" I told him the whole story and he was almost out the door before I said "The managers are gone for the day!!"
So, he came back in and seethed. Good heavens, it was tense around here. Frankly, I'm lucky we don't own a gun, or somebody would, Ryan gets done and comes home and tells us the entire story.

The next day, would you like to guess where my husband was? Yeah. Ripping the manager a new one. Once words like 'sexual harassment' and 'human resources' were brought up ::gasp:: then it was a different scenario. "Oh! I didn't know she meant she was uncomfortable with him like THAT." (Yeah, whatever. Ryan told her THREE TIMES and it still didn't click? Gee, are we sure she's manager material?)

As it stands now, things are 'being taken care of' via the management. You do not mess with my little baby. She is so innocent and never wants to offend...and that mf'er took advantage of that. AND THEN....we find out (after Jesse barked at the manager and told the manager to interview her other female employees separately) that this dude is macking on a couple other girls as well!

Luckily, we've heard from the grapevinme that Creepy Dude is being transferred to another store. The icky part? He's being transferred to another store. FIRE THE BASTARD ALREADY! oh my gawd! (perdon my french) Soooooo.......Baby Girl won't have to work with him or close with him....but somebody else will. Uch. All I have to say is that he's lucky it was ME working with him, because if he would have pulled that creepy bs with me, I would have stapled his penis to the floor so the morning security could find him. Uh huh. Explain THAT, you [extreme profanity here].


  1. You and your husband have given your daughter a real gift in your outrage, protection of her and willingness to go down there and stand up for her like that. I had a similar experience and both my parent's and other involved parties told me I must have misunderstood what the guy said. There are some words that cannot be confused.

    I am so sorry your daughter had to experience being harassed in the workplace---but I am so glad she has such wonderful parents.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Good for you and your husband for helping to sort this out. As for "Creepy Dude," he should have been fired and I have my doubts about the manager, too. How the manager could have been so blind to this -- after Ryan briefed her repeatedly -- is beyond me. Problem is, they've basically given Creepy Dude will now be able to ply his Creepy Trade somwehre else. That's gross mismanagement.

  3. I'm so with you on the outrage. There is no place, no quarter, for such treatment of employees. For management to ignore that jerk is unconscionable.

    I've been bullied and I've been harassed, and the moment I went to my manager, she was responsive and checked into it and put my complaint on file (it was a doctor who harassed me). A harassing coworker I had to deal with on my own, and when I told him to cut it out or I'd report him for sexual harassment, he backed off. So many women don't realize that they can stand up to such bullying, and that's where you and your husband did a good thing.

    I hope that your daughter will see that she does not have to put up with such treatment. There are very few things that piss me off as much as some slimeball preying on young girls. Good for you guys for standing up for her, and I hope she learned strength from you.

    Hugs, Beth

  4. I love you. You know that, right?

    I say we go down and staple his dick in the dirt just because... y'know what I'm sayin'?

  5. UNBELIEVABLE what your daughter's "manager" did! And soooo unexcusable! I'm so sorry she had to go through all that but I'm glad you and Jessie took care of it! She is blessed to have you guys as parents!! Hugs to all of you...Jenny

  6. He HUGGED HER?????? Gun, where's my gun, there's nothing worse than an angry Queen, trust me!WTF? The other managers knew what was going on TOTALY.
    Gaz x

  7. I'm with you . . . fire that man immediately! I don't think transferring the problem to another place solves anything. He needs to be G_O_N_E!

  8. When I was 17 I did some temp work as a kitchen porter. I quit after a week because a few of the older women (mid 50s) in the kitchen kept harrassing me by hugging me and touching/slapping my bum.

    I've worked with plenty of creepy blokes in my time too.
    Bloody pervy arseholes.

    Ryan needs to get vocal and kick some ass if it ever happens again.

  9. Just wait until I go down for a visit...This manager better get in somekind of witness protection program. Because if I ever find him, you won't be able to find a penis on him to staple to the floor! Nobody messes with the "RAYGOZA'S". I'm so proud of you guys for the way to handle this situation. I know Ryan will always love and admire her parents.

  10. Ryan shoulda kicked him where it hurt. Bet he wouldn't be able to mess with her or anyone else for that matter! At least for a while. Mwahahahahaha...Good for you guys taking up for her! I get in trouble for that myself. Carrie's ex said to one of her friends in Algebra class last year to where she could hear, "Wouldn't it be funny if "girlfriend" and I pushed Carrie to committ suicide? When she told me that, I went balistic. I mean BALISTIC with a capital B! That isn't something you joke about or even say out of anger, especially about one of my children!!!! We have dealt with FOUR suicides in my family. FOUR! Needless to say, we have NOTHING to do with this young man anymore, but I got in trouble with my daughter for getting involved. She said she could handle it. ::sniff:: Nevermind that her ex and his girlfriend made her life a living hell last year at school. He was dating this girl. Broke up with her to date Carrie, broke up with Carrie to go back to her, then broke up with her. The kicker? This year, she and Carrie are best friends. Go figure...

  11. Sounds as if you handled the situation perfectly, well done you. I had a similar experience when I was a young girl, with my boss. My Dad went to my place of work one evening and had a "conversation" with him. I couldn't go back, he owned the place, but I did get three months wages and a glowing reference :o)

  12. That is terrible...I'm sorry Ryan had to go through that :( Hopefully things will be better now with the upper management finally taking serious notice. Blessings* Teresa

  13. You're right. They should have fired him.

  14. oooooooohhh....staple sounds good to me...I will step on his balls as you staple the penis down.... oh, I hate idiots!

  15. You go Mom and Dad!
    Ryan, honey, you don't ever have to take that from anyone.
    Is this guy like the boss's son or something? Get him fired!!!
    :) Leigh

  16. I like the idea of stapling his penis to the floor...I'll hold him down for you!

    There is no reason for that behavior. I can't believe they are transferring this creep. How in the hell is he suppose to get the message that way?

    I can't promise I wouldn't still pay him a visit after work, to teach him a lesson in where NOT to push himself. (Hugs)Indigo


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