Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm back from Mexico...

......and I figured out why I would never make it as a health inspector.

....after eating at roadside joints in Mexico, pretty much every place here in the U.S. would pass my standards. (That's not to say that the food in Mexico is bad, because it's some of the best food you will ever have the pleasure of eating.)

No tales of debauchery....and not that many pictures, because we happened to go during the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I was, however, able to buy a pretty big Virgin Mary statue. Go on with my awesome self, right? My FIL is getting it blessed for me.

We did buy some tequila though. Were we supposed to declare that at the border? oops?

Speaking of which, on our way over there, crossing from the U.S. to Mexico, we got pulled over so they could check our van. They do that with random vehicles. There's me with my Vicodin and muscle relaxants in my purse....2 bottles of antidepressants..... nice. The funny part about that was that when the border patrol guy opened the back of the van, Ryan's duffle bag kinda tumbled toward him, so he caught it. and held it. It's kind of hard not to laugh at a big tough looking dude holding a heart duffle bag.

Anyway, so that's that. Nobody got arrested and we all made it back in one piece.


  1. What! Not that many pictures?! Oh well, at least you got the tequila. Pour me a shot will ya? Cheers :-)

  2. Welcome back.

    A Virgin Mary statue?

  3. Hi Amy,
    Welcome Back!

  4. Welcome Back Amy! Glad your trip was reasonably un-eventful!

  5. glad you and the tequila made it back safe and sound; where is a camera where you needed it to snap a picture of the guard and the heart bag; that would have been a good shot!


  6. AMY!!!!


    Glad you had a good time! A change of scenery is always nice (ok, not ALWAYS, always, but often...)

  7. Glad you made it back safe and sound! Can't wait to see pics.
    LL Cool Whip

  8. Glad you made it back in one piece. The heart duffel bag story is quite funny. I WANT PICTURES!
    ::Susan whines::

    Love ya!~


  9. No one got arrested? Awwww....

    Totally kidding! Glad to hear you had such a great time! Sorry about your toe, but good for you for not letting it slow you down.

    Hugs, Beth


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