Saturday, November 8, 2008

Maybe I'm just getting old(er?)

What a ridiculous time to be awake on a Saturday morning. Tsk.

It started with a kid, and then a dog, and then I had to pee and couldn't get out of the covers because Jesse had one side of the blanket wrapped around him tight...and the dog had the other side pinned down....and then when I yell at the dog to move, he flips out and jumps up like some neurotic monkey......and now....... I'm awake.

Jesse will be coming downstairs in a few minutes asking me what the hell I am doing up, I am sure. He has to go to work today. Fun for him! or not.

Then, instead of possibly going back to bed and claiming the spot Jesse vacated, I have to drop off my Lovely One at work.

Maybe a nap this afternoon, eh? Meh.

In other news, my back has been killing me. Crimeny, I need a massage. It's just that I'm fat and I don't want some hot masseuse seeing me semi-naked. I know you all wanted that visual. I aim to please, you know. LOL One can only take so much Vicodin before it stops working as well as it once did and I don't think I want to up the dosage that much and jack up my kidneys worse than they already are.

Actually, my 'everything' hurts. I have been hobbling around for the past few days like a Weeble Wobble. 'Weeble Wobbles wobble but they don't fall down', don't you know.....


  1. It's that time of the year when everything aches. In my case it's age......... You got a long way to catch up ;-)
    Gaz xxxx

  2. Ya gotta keep the kidneys happy.
    Do they still make weeble?

  3. You just wait. This is only a preview of old age.

  4. hi; noticed that you started following my blog (a corgi in Southern California); thanks :)

    hope your back feels better; never a pleasant thing to deal with

    I hear you with a dog on the bed; a certain little corgi of ours manages to take over 90% of the bed; how did that happen?

    I hope all in all, you have a great day today :)


  5. I can blame my aches on age and the weather, but it still hurts. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    :) Leigh

  6. I actually slept until almost 9 today! Sleeping in for me is usually around 6 since I get up at 4 friggin 15 in the morning on the weekdays, ugh!
    Hope your everything feels better quickly and hope you get your nap :-)

  7. Can't believe you got up so early! I can see a nap in your very near future. I know all about dogs on the bed, it's almost impossible to get in or out, they do not move. Sorry to hear about all your aches and pains, but it's the time of year. Plus when you are depressed "everything hurts" (haven't you seen the commercial? LOL!). Feel better soon!
    LL Cool Whip

  8. Hi Amy,
    I think you're on to something: A weeble makes a perfectly good role model. Then, again, not much nap time for them, I imagine. Always weebling, never falling down ...

  9. come visit me...I amnot a hot massuese but I will still massage you....

  10. Get the massage, just be sure to get a gal masseuse ( I tend to prefer less than lovely older masseuses from eastern blocked countries as they don't make me as aware of my need for liposuction).

  11. I hope you got your nap this afternoon!

    Search for Weebles Wobble on YouTube. You get a bunch of fun old commercials!


  12. I'm cold. My hands/fingers have been hurting, and I dunno if it's arthritis setting in or just "cold hands" ache. and my lower back. ouch.

    And I never sleep more than six hours at night anymore, and almost never get naps. I'm gonna be certifiable soon, if I'm not already.

    And I just got a crazy urge for Cream of Wheat. The hell????

  13. Yes, it IS all about me.

    I wish I had a dog and a personal radiator (man) to cozy up with at night.

    'course, I'd kick 'em out in the warmer weather, because Emmie don't like being all smothered when it's hot out...

    Go get a massage.

  14. I've been a weebling wobble for years. As long as I don't fall down, I'm ok!

  15. I hope you back is feeling better. A nap is a daily necessity.

  16. I always get a female massage person so I dont have to worry about my fat body being seen.

  17. I hurt every single day. I can so relate to what you are saying 'cept I look like a duck waddling. :-P I don't care what you look like, I still love ya!~



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