Thursday, November 13, 2008


I would like to blog every day. I really would. I have the desire to. Unfortunately, everybody and their mother needs this or by the time I actually get to the computer, my mind blanks and I have nothing to write about that I can remember.

So........the few things that I remember.....

Last night, I was feeling quite 'Meh.'. Jesse was already in bed at the time, so I laid down as well. The dogs jumped up on the bed as usual. They always wait for me to lay down before they hop up on the bed. I guess they don't want to waste energy if I don't plan on staying upstairs or something. Anyway, I laid down and said "Am I pretty?"

Jesse said "No."

"No?" I repled.

"No.", he said. "You're beautiful. Inside and outside"

I sighed, and he said " are beautiful, and anybody can see that.....but, who do you think you treat better......the kids or the dogs?"

(Yeah.....I was a little confused with that, but okay....)

"The kids?" I said.

"Right. See, you treat the kids so good, but the thing are ungrateful. They don't let you know how beautiful you are inside. But these dogs.....look at them. They follow you everywhere, do anything you ask.....all they want is to be with you because you love them with your whole heart and they know it. So,'re beautiful inside and out."

and then...... I started to cry.

He's not that eloquent.....sometimes things come out of his mouth that make me want to stab him with a spork.....but sometimes......sometimes.......he says all the right things.

Ending that 'awwww' moment and moving on to my lovely children..........

Many of you youngest child is 10. Actually, alot of you were blogging with me from the beginning when he was 4 or 5 (I think).


Adrian......dear, dear child of mine.

He's growing up at record speed and yet, he still needs his mom.

We have our laptops on the dining room table. That's where we hang out most of the time because we have a living room that is open to the dining room. We're all together. My computer is at the end of the table. The other computer is right next to me.

That being said, if I need to get up to go into the kitchen, I walk past the other computer.

(Is anyone seeing where this is going?)

I got up.....walked past Adrian at the computer......glanced at what he was doing....and just about choked on my tongue.

I stopped in my tracks, and he looked up at me. I said "Um.....Adrian......this is.....uhhhhh...."

"Awkward?" he said.

"Yessssss....but.....uhh.....this is something that you might be looking at in private.....I....uhhhh"

(not to say that I condone this, but anyway......)

He says "Yeah, but Ryan won't let me take her computer up to my room." TOTAL STRAIGHT FACE!

oh. my. goodness. gracious.

So. Porn is easily accessible on YouTube. :sigh:: I thought 10 years old was kinda young to have 'The Talk'. but I guess not.

Unrelated........another story about Adrian.

...a few days ago, we were at Mervyns (which is a department store for those of you unaware). Heelys were on sale. $25! Jesse has been wanting to get some for Adrian since last Christmas. Of course, he bought them. Now, I should say that my children did not inherit the coordination gene. Jesse is extremely coordinated. Me? Not so much.

Adrian was practicing 'walking' in my bathroom. 5 seconds into it, he fell on his butt, jacked up his wrist, was crying, and claimed he was not putting those shoes on again.

So in one day, he was checking out chicks and sobbing into my shoulder. Oy.....he's going to be the challenging one of the three....


  1. Ay, que lindo! Jesse should be able to coast on that for a few months, at least.

    As for Adrian and the porn, I did not see that coming. I thought you were about to trip over a power cord or something...


  2. Awww... Jesse can be so sweet.

    As for Adrian... I, um.. wow. Good luck! LOL

  3. Yikes ... what's the world coming to when a ten-year-old pushes a few buttons and pulls up porn. Makes me yeard for the good old days when Howdy Doody was as risque as it got.

  4. so sorry about your son finding the porn; my son (now 19) stumbled across it innocently too; so sad it is out there to be found

    what a wonderful thing your Jesse said about you!

    enjoy your day


  5. I hate to tell corgi in the comment above but 19 year old kids DON'T stumble across porn lololol.
    I think you handled it very well with your son. See, being beutifull, is'nt all about looks. What you did with Adrian is part of that beauty.
    I was told that I was getting 'porky' when I got into bed last night...... sigh.
    Gaz xx
    PS What's a spork, Dan mentioned one on his blog last night.?

  6. I think you're beautiful inside and out as well. Your Jesse sounds like a wonderful husband. You better keep him, they are hard to find! As far as the porn goes, I don't know what to say. MY son was looking at it the last time he was over here. He was 16 and I found evidence of it on my comp. I just kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to spoil his visit by saying anything, but it really bothered me.

  7. Aaages ago, when my ex was staying here for a while, I was sat on the sofa while he played about on my computer. I looked up and saw that he was looking at porn. I did have a talk with him, but it wouldn't of been the same one that you had with your Son!

    I love what your Jesse said to you :o)


  8. Jesse loves his Amy.

    Adrian is 10 and looking at porn?

    Goodness gracious! At 10 I was climbing trees and playing war in the fields with my friends.

    At the table???


  9. Jesse is a keeper. I wanted to melt for you and his beauty insights.

    10 year olds and porn!?! I feel for you. I once caught the now 8 year old searching "sex" on google....and the things he found. We nipped that right in the bud then and there and haven't had a problem since.

    Here's hoping you can get a handle on him. Good luck.

  10. Wow, Jesse said exactly the right thing. Very impressive, and yes, very sweet.

    10-years-old and online goodness, the world has certainly moved on! I hope that the talk goes well....

    Hugs, Beth

  11. Now we know why Jesse is a keeper. Our guys somehow know when to say the right things at just the right moment.

    10 and porn..umm I'm still trying to digest that information. I swear kids are getting older faster than we ever did at their age. wow...(Hugs)Indigo

  12. Aww...that Jesse. He's definitely a keeper!

  13. Time to put blocks on the computer! Michael has ours all set up so Gabby can't get to any of that stuff...accidently or otherwise. We each have our own log on name and when we are done we log off...we have access to everything but on Gabby's name it is only sites we approve. Porn is waaaaay too much for a child of 10 years old.

    What a sweet thing for hubby to say and you do know he is 100% right!!!

  14. I was just talking to someone else earlier about the kids and porn. I was trying to fix my 11 year old's PSP when I came across the internet history - typed in over and over were things like "Naked ladies with big boobs" Yikes! I can't help but laugh about it, but I can only imagine the things our kids might come across in their curiosity! This isn't like the times when seeing a National Geographic magazine made us giggle!

    PS - I just love sporks ;-)

  15. that was beautiful, what jesse said! and very true! :)

  16. Jesse said just the right thing, huh? What a sweetie!
    Best of Luck on those teen years, I survived, but just barely. LOL
    :) Leigh

  17. At least you didn't freak out on Adrian. My Mom would have. Maybe that's why I am so inhibited today.

    Awww, that Jesse, he's a keeper fer sure!~

    Love ya!~



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