Thursday, December 4, 2008

6 Things That Make Me Happy

The Fabulosity That Is Belette Rouge offers the chance to think about stuff that makes us happy. I don't do that very often, because I am too busy bitching. It's what I do. It works for me.

Buuuuuut......sometimes, I stop complaining long enough to enjoy stuff.

Six things. Do it, so I can read about your random likes, too. I love me some randomness, you know.

6 unimportant (in the grand scheme of things) things that make me happy:

-dog ears. I can't resist them. When any dog comes up to me....the ears get the first lovin'.

-a clean kitchen. You all know what a bad housekeeper I am, so if the kitchen is clean, that means I didn't do it (most of the time). That aside, I love to walk into the kitchen and have space. I mean, I have a lot of counter space, but....

-50s music. Don't even ask me why. I'm all sorts of odd, I know it.

-accents. (Scottish....English....Irish.....especially) They make me smile. BBC Radio, peeps. It rocks.

-Kleenex with Vicks on them. I love to breathe them in, regardless of whether I'm sick or not.

-a massage. Sure, I can live without them, but when I hear "You look like you need a massage..." I melt like hot butter.

(what is it with me and the excessive posting today. Good grief, I can't shut up. Maybe that's why my kitchen is a mess. I'm always sitting in front of the computer....LOL)


  1. It makes me so happy to come to your blog and see you have taken my tag seriously. I love your list, especially the puppy dog ears. And, I like hot butter with lobster or crab. Yummy. is that the kind of butter you mean?;-)

    And, thanks for the lovely shout out!!!:-D

  2. I don't have a blog, so I'll hijack yours for a moment.

    Six things that make me happy:

    1. Books & bookstores.
    2. Puppy breath. Silly, I know, but I love it.
    3. The perfect shade of nail polish.
    4. I agree with the clean kitchen thing. I love that.
    5. Random unprovoked hugs from my girls.
    6. The changing of the seasons. Watching the leaves turn colors and fall, the first snow, the first brave little daffodils that poke their heads out even though it's still totally cold outside, the new, bright green leaves on the plants in spring, the baby calfs on their wobbly little legs on the farm at the end of my street... not much good to say about summer...

    One more: NEW SOCKS! They're all cooshy and soft and haven't been smooshed and stained and stretched out...

  3. Love your six smilemakers Amy. Many of them are my own smilemakers, especially the dog ears and the clean kitchen!

  4. I don't know about the kleenex thing but I looooovvvveeee getting a handkerchief and putting a few drops of Olbas oil on it.
    That stuff can blow your socks off!

  5. ((((((((((Huggin' you up))))))) sounds mahvahlous dahlink...::grin:: it's dog ears etc. for me too! (and the "boys" agree!!) they will be 2 years old the 8th!! can't believe it sheesh. Blessings* Teresa

  6. I love your happy things.... and I say pass the vicks cleenex LOL
    I can't resist dog ears either, especially on Maggie and Brownie.

  7. Ahh, we are kindred spirits. Some of my answers would be the same as yours. :-)

    Love ya!~


  8. OK, so here goes:

    6 Things That Make Me Happy:
    1). Friends

    2). 70's music

    3). Clean House

    4). My Fur Babies

    5. A Good Book

    6. Autumn


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