Saturday, December 6, 2008

He really may be my child...

"Mom? When are you going to be going to take your nap?"

"Why? Do you want to take one with me?"

"Yeah.....I'm tired. I don't feel so good."

Nap Justification! YESSS!

Methinks today will be the day he throws up with the force of a tornado. Whenever he gets sick, he, like me, must throw up - and then on the road to feeling better.

He and I didn't end up going to the little family gathering last night. We stayed home, laid on the couch, and watched TV. Fun times. (No, seriously.)


  1. I am so glad you didn't go. napping and TV are better than most social occasions, in this introverts mind. Hope your darling is feeling better soon without the need for vomitting.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Sounds like you did the right thing to stay home. As for the fun, I guess that ends once the throwing up with the force of a tornado kicks in ...!

  3. Sounds like a perfect night - hope no tornados happened - yuck!

  4. Chillin on the couch lighted by the TV tube with the child you adore, sounds like heaven.

  5. You just cannot beat a little bit of mother and son one on one. I hope he feels better soon!

  6. Aww, I love that. The snuggle/napping thing... not the puking, though if the puking is the start of feeling better - bring it on. Weird, but I know how that goes. Something cathartic about kicking out a bunch of crud in whatever way works.

    (I've had this ... whatever kind of cootie it is, for two weeks now. Started with chest tightness/wheezing, on to other junk. Mostly it's down to a sore throat and pretty much no voice now. Gee, wonder what woulda happened if I hadn't had that flu shot... @@)

  7. my Jack had fever, headache and shivery, day two was tornado day and now he has the worst cold he has ever had in his life, i hate it, I am helpless. I'm lucky, he's such a love, no trouble, doesn't moan about it, just lays quietly, and when he ever causes a tornado he is more concerned for me, even at the tender age of 12, cos he knows how I feel about sick, blerk!
    Hope yous gets well very soon, as I hope my J does
    xx Lynbo xx

  8. I miss taking naps with my kids! At 16 and 18, ain't gonna happen any more! LOL

    Nice to meet you by the way. I've added myself as a follower.

  9. It was probably for the best. Don't want to make everyone else sick right here at the holidays. Hope he feels better real soon.

    Love ya!~


  10. Glad he's feeling better. Being sick is absolutely the worst!

  11. I hope you both start feeling better soon hon. BOTH of you. Miss you** Teresa

  12. Get that cuddling in any time you can! Hope you are both feeling better soon!
    LL Cool Whip


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