Monday, December 1, 2008

Meh. After all, that's what this blog is about.

I'm in a mood.

at 3:40 AM.


I think I had a manic anxiety attack today. I can't really figure it out since I've not had one before, but I didn't like it at all.

Also, I love my husband, but I'm not liking him lately. Meh.

and.....I kind of really like tequila. Plain. Where you get that burn, and then that blinky-ness.

(what? It's a word!)

and my feet are cold. (did I mention I broke my toe? The one next to my pinky toe. What a stupid toe to break. It's all ugly and purple and swollen. Nevertheless, I trekked all through Mexico because nothing was keeping me from the food. I might have worn my damned slippers everywhere [don't judge!] but I was out and about! I probably didn't help it with all the walking, but oh well....)

The in laws are here and sleeping whilst I'm tapping away on the computer, and Gordo is howling in his sleep, so I guess I'll be off to go poke him to hush up. I don't need to have them scared that a pack of wolves is coming for them.


  1. I have eternally cold feet. That's one more thing I like about the hot tub: When I get out of that thing, my feet stay warm for a long, long time.

  2. My feet are cold, but that's because the floor is freezing. I need to put my woolly socks back on.
    Never had Tequila. Tea is better than any other drink ever.

  3. I hear ya' on being awake in the middle of the night. Ungodly hour if you ask me. But, there are always naps right? Sorry about your toe. OUCH! Sending you lots of love!
    LL Cool Whip

  4. Oh, dear Amy, ugh!! Poor you. Please, bitch, whine, let it all out.... We are here and offer tea, tequila and sympathy. Hugs to lovely you.

  5. (((Amy))) Sorry about your foot, hon, and the anxiety attack. :( I'm glad you're back from Mexico, I've missed you!

  6. Hubby bought me a foot warmer the year my furnace died, I kept it under my computer

  7. I got a plan. You send me Jesse and I'll send you Donnie and I will retrain Jesse for you and you can retrain Donnie for me. What d'ya think? broke your toe? Ouch! I broke the metatarsal going to that same toe on a rocking chair while we lived in Colorado. It weren't fun. :-P So sorry! I want some bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on wheat? Got any?

    Love ya!~


  8. You sound as though you are in the wars Amy.
    Just you let it all out angel and we will all empathise with you. O.K?
    I hate cold feet. It's a rare thing for me and generally only happens if I sit too long at the computer. I never wear socks or shoes indoors and I could cook a family meal, quicker than a microwave, with the heat I produce from my hot flashes! hahahaha!
    If we sat alongside each other at our computers you would always be nice and snug from my glow. hehehehe!
    Meanwhile all I can do is pass it on to you by words...
    Catch a warm hug from me.
    Jeanie xxx

  9. I am sorry you are still feeling crappy. big hugs and shots for you.

    (tequila shots)


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