Thursday, December 4, 2008

There really is such a thing....

You want to see these CHEEKIES!

You know you do.

They're all sorts of awesomeness.

Click it! Click iiiiiitttttt.

(booty viewing warning for those of you not wanting to see some Victoria's Secret booty)


  1. Well, I looked. But I don't think those would look good with cellulite.

  2. Puppy cheeks, yes. Super model cheeks, nah; I think I'll pass. But, thanks all the same.;-)

  3. And these girls are all over mexico and they come and clean your house?
    Dressed like that??
    Mexico rocks!!

  4. Okay, they are pretty but can we say WEDGIE???? ughhhh they look like they would be so uncomfortable! not to mention you have to have the body of a teen or a budget to support major plastic surgery?? LOLOL I don't fit in either catagory :( bummer. Thanks for sharing. Blessings* Teresa

  5. I really hope your FIL wasn't recommending those for you because that would be kinda ewww! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh I just knew Bra's ears would prick up at this one!

    xx lynbo xx

  7. Carrie would love those! She wears those a lot. My ass is too big for that sorta thing. ::sigh::

    Love ya!~



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