Sunday, December 28, 2008

We wish you a.... without all the cooties.

Unlike at our house. poor lovely girl.....was sobbing. She was dizzy, shakey, nauseous, and everything else you care to add in there. baby....was hacking and wheezing like a pack-a-day 80 yr old.

Alex is fine. He wants no part of their cooties.

Jesse had two days of the flu and stomach distress.

We won't talk about me because I am always a mess in one form or another.

ANYWAY.......after a trip to the doctor for Ryan and Adrian, they both got a shot in the hiney of antibiotics AND more antibiotics to take for the next week. Apparently, it was pretty bad. Ryan had a severe throat infection. To say it was gross looking is an understatement. I am not easily grossed out, but geeeeeeez.

Adrian had a double ear infection. (Oddly enough, his ears weren't hurting him, but okay.)

So, Christmas was great.


  1. Wow! Hope everyone is feeling better now! It's sucks to be sick... it -really- sucks to be sick during the holidays!

  2. I had to take Cheyenne to the doc yesterday. She, too, has the double-ear-infection. Doc gave her antibiotics and steroids, which she promptly threw up. She's going to have to get better sans the 'roids, methinks, since I'm pretty sure that's what caused the pukage.

  3. I sure hope everyone is feeling better! My kids were always sick for the holidays when they were little.

  4. Wow, merry freakin' Christmas, huh? I hope everyone is on the mend!

  5. Hi Amy, thanks for your comments on my chaotic blog. Sorry for the problems you had over Christmas. Hope the kids are feeling better now and wish you all a better start in the new year. Ciao. Antonella

  6. Sick people are gross. That is what I kept chanting while blowing my nose between phone calls at work. Phlegm: Ugly word, uglier substance.

    Anywho, hope your gross people get less gross right away.

  7. That really sucks, sick on Christmas. Ooh.. And I've had a throat infection before. NOT pleasant AT ALL. Hope they feel better for the new year. Honest Luck :o)

  8. Hi Amy,
    Sheesh ... what a way to spend the holiday. Seems like a lot of people are sick these days. Anyhow, it must have been pretty bad for them to give a shot and prescription for antibiotics. I hope everyone feels better sooon.

  9. Poor babies. I hope 2009 is very healthy and happy.xoxo

  10. There's been a lot of people come down sick these holidays. It always seems that Christmas is a bad time of year for colds and flu. Hope you are all feeling in the pink soon and a Very Happy New Year to you all!

  11. Miss you but I am SO GLAD I am not at your house right now! Your card is still hanging for the cats; threatening them :-). Adorable.

  12. Oh man! I hope you all get feeling better soon.

    The Christmas Vacation Cooties suck. I used to get them every year when I was a kid. This year I got a minor case of them just for old times sake.

    Time to hit the OJ and lysine.

  13. Hope you're drinking heavily! And hope your New Year's is better...

  14. Thought you lived in a warm part of the country, Amy. Anyway, best wishes for the New Year.


  15. My Christmas was the best ever.
    Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything. ;o)
    Anyway, god hates you and wants you to have a stinking christmas because of your filthy wiccan ways.
    Have a better new year.

  16. And you made it through long enough to blog, congrats and kudos. Cooties are crummy.

  17. I hope everyone is feeling better.

    I just realized when I clicked on this I dreamed about you last night. I was at your house. I can't remember specifics but we were laughing and I am pretty sure there was food involved.

  18. a path way leading to better tomorrows

  19. ::knocks on the monitor::

    Did y'all survive the holidays?

  20. Sorry to hear about the sickies and hoping everyone is feeling way better by now! I am late getting here... trying to play catch up in all my journal reading. Hope you have a fantastic day!

  21. Well, I am very late reading this. How the heck did I get so far behind? Sheesh! You'd think I been on Mars or sumpin'. Anywho, hope everyone is doing well now.

    Love ya,



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