Thursday, December 4, 2008

"You need one of those cheekies!"

.....says my father in law.


Now, I know my fil has an accent, but what? I need cheekies? (Am I the only one who knows that 'cheekies' are underwear? Why is my fil telling me I need a specific underwear? Do I have panty lines? Am I flashing butt crack?!)

It turns out.....that in Mexico, maids/housekeepers are very inexpensive. and they're called 'chickies'.



That being said...........

My house is a mess.

Lord help me, I do not want to clean it.

I'm all ::boing:: and ::derrrr:: and ::zzzzzzzzzz:: instead of ::scrubscrubscrub::



  1. I could do with one of them.
    I must clean. I must I must I must.
    Meh...whats on TV.

  2. My world, and welcome to it.

    I didn't know cheekies was underwear. I don't get out much.

  3. I have never heard underware called

  4. I want a housekeeper. If someone asked me what I'd do if I suddenly got rich, I wouldn't say, "Travel the world, buy a ton of jewelry, new wardrobe" or any of that shit. I'd buy a house, get a new Suburban, and hire a housekeeper. Really. That's pretty much it.

    Not a big fancy house, either. Just, y'know... a house for the girls and me, and possibly a particular sexy-brained lawyer-boy.

    I might even come to find that I don't absolutely loathe cooking, if I didn't have to clean up after it. I doubt it would happen that way, but you never know.

  5. I sent ya a message on MySpace that I would come clean it for ya. It will be my Christmas present to you. There's just one catch. You have to pay my way there (and back if ya want to get rid of me.) Heh...

    Love ya!~


  6. P.S. Oh, and that was quite funny, but I would expect nothing less from you, the queen of wit. Hee...

    Love ya!~



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