Saturday, January 31, 2009

Green is good, but not for me

Plenty of things in my house are green.




However, my snot should not be.

I'm guessing this is the tail end of a very long bout with the flu, but goodness gracious, I am about done with this business of hacking until I cry.

I know I am all about laying around in bed and sleeping as much as I can, but I am *almost* at the point that I do not want to be in that bed. (I know, people. close your mouths.)

I had gone to the doctor last week when Alex and I were getting ridiculously high fevers. His was 104.4. Poor kid. Anyway, the doctor tested for the flu and then said 'Yep. Sucks to be you. Go home and quit breathing in my office.' The doctor prescribed this stuff called Relenza - which is supposed to shorten the flu. Um. Yeahnotsomuch. The Nyquil stopped working. The cough medicine was like water. The antihistamine was basically candy.

How one body can create so much mucus will forever remain an enigma to me.

On the other hand, I did plenty of TV watching. New episodes of Psych are on. (The bad part about that is that I laugh out loud and then get myself into a hacking fit, but oh well....) I also saw a movie called Namesake. (Y'all remember Harold and Kumar? Kumar stars in this movie.) Really good movie. Watch it next time you're flipping channels. It's about coming to terms with his own identity and all that jazz.

Oh....and i would be remiss without mentioning the fact that as I lay there at around 9 PM one night waiting for......well....anything, Jesse tells me that my friend, Diana is coming over to disinfect the house because she is tired of me being sick because she has nobody to talk to. LOL So. There I am in and out of Nyquil consciousness and I hear her talking and spraying and wiping.......and then I hear "Oooops. Sorry, Jesus."


Now, for somebody who is convinced they are dying, hearing that Jesus has arrived is not a good thing.

and then I fell asleep.

Two days later, I said to her "Okay, I know I was out of it, but did I hear you say 'ooops, sorry, Jesus'?!"

She laughed and said "Ooooohhhhh....yeah. I was spraying bleach and accidentally sprayed your Jesus. Don't think it's an act of mystery if Jesus starts looking a little spotty."



  1. You can collect your mucus and sell it on ebay as concentrated plant food.
    If that doesnt work, try passing it off as some new Lime milkshake.

    "Mmmm have you tried that new Lime Milkshake?"
    "Yeah I had a bit of it but I found it rather chewy"

  2. Hi Amy,
    Good Lord, she was disinfecting Jesus? What will she do next, give Buddah an acid bath? Seriously, get well soon!

  3. OMG!! I am laughing out loud here. :::cough cough cough::

    ..."sorry Jesus"....

    that is priceless.

  4. I wonder where all the snot comes from

    get better soon!


  5. LOL at Marty's comment!

    Flu drugs don't really work unless you get them within 48 hours of getting the virus...and by the time you develop symptoms, you're past that 48 hour mark. Supposedly it can lessen the symptoms, but I'm skeptical.

    Not to be gross or anything...but if you've got bright green snot, you might have a sinus infection. If it's in your chest, and you're hacking up bright green stuff, you might have a nasty bacterial pneumonia. If you don't start improving soon, or if you've still got a fever, you probably should go in for a culture.

    Feel better, hon.

    Hugs, Beth

  6. Yeah, what Beth said. I had those symptoms and ended up with double pneumonia, so don't mess with this!

    Lime milkshakes? ::shudders::

    :) Leigh

  7. Oh gosh I hope that you are feeling better soon Amy!! I don't think Jesus minds a bit of bleach, just so long as He's there. :-)

  8. I'm glad you didn't lose your sense of humor in this incredibly long sickness of yours; hope you feel better soon!!


  9. My husband is still fighting his cold. It's a month now!

    Enjoy your week.

  10. Ugh, I can sympathize.

    Feel better soon, Dear!


  11. Hope you feel better soon. Our snow is already melting and moving North. Trouble is what is left is turning to ice.

  12. This entry has me cracking up... the Jesus... oh dear...

    yes I know what you mean about the coughing... and the green stuff to go with it is just forever annoying and yes, WHERE does it come from and WHY won't it go away. I sometimes think my body is trying to produce enough for three people. Sigh.
    Hope we both feel loads better soon!

    I do not have a SIL or anyone
    nice to come over here and clean stuff for me. Now I am a little jealous.

  13. That was so nice of her to do that for you. Hahahahaha Jesus being a little spotty. Feel better soon!~

    Love ya!~



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