Monday, January 5, 2009

"Hey wanna touch my ferret?"

Today.....was awesome because a guy let me hold his ferret.

Erm.....the small cute weasel-esque animal, in case you were wondering. LOL

We were out running errands today, and Jesse wanted to stop by a fish store ~ since he has had his fish tank sitting in my living room, empty......for a month or so by now. It'll be a saltwater tank, so he has to stretch out the whole water cycling busniess for longer than a regular tank.

On one side of the store is the fish and associated stuff......

........and on the other side, there are reptiles, birds, and ferrets, rats, mice, bunnies, chinchillas, etc...

When the sales dude saw me leaning over the rat cage, he asked if I wanted to play with one. Well, of course! There was this adorable hairless rat......who was a smidge too hyper for me...... but then I asked about the ferret (for sale - $110!). It was a babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


So, I held the babyyyyyy and snuggled her....and played with her.....and she fell asleep on me.

If I thought my other pets would get along with a ferret, I'd get it. I was that much in love with her.


  1. As a belette I am very fond of creatures that look like weasels. Ferrets are so cute. I can never get one as terriers are big fans of eating such creatures. Too bad!:-(

  2. Hi Amy,
    I've heard ferrets are pretty smart, that they make good pets, too. But I don't know ... am still partial to dogs!

  3. Love the title to this entry Amy! Happy New Year to all over there in Texas!!

  4. haha Amy, you do make me laugh!! I have a funny ferret story. Back when we were living in Chester we had a guy in the neighbourhood who had a pet ferret. One day we were out and about and noticed that it was loose. Todd said, I know who that ferret belongs to and so he picked the little fella up and slipped it through the mail slot of the house he figured it belonged to. You guessed it, wrong house. Can you imagine how that little old lady felt when a ferret slipped through her mail slot???

  5. Lol I think ferrets are adorable, but when I was little I was bitten by one on the nose while in PetCo. I still have a faint scar....

  6. Awww... I wanna hold a baby ferret and have it sleep on me!!!!


    So cute. I used to have two chinchillas and a hamster and hundreds of gerbils. I miss them, but spud would eat them if I had pets like that now. Tut!


  7. Very soft and cuddly.
    Thanks for the smile this morning!

    :) Leigh

  8. Animal lover that I am, I am ashamed to mention that ferrets with their vicious little teeth (yup, I've been bitten)and beady eyes, put me off.
    You need a primate baby...get working on that.

  9. I don't particularly like ferrets but that one in the photo looks cute.

  10. Ferrets are cute, but I couldn't bring one home. It would be a snack for the dogs. I have never held one though, too afraid of their sharp little teeth. I am pretty sure you are filled to capacity with all the animals you have, but I could be wrong. LOL!
    LL Cool Whip

  11. A ferret? Really? Ok, you are more woman than I am.

  12. A weasel? Seriously?


    The one in the picture is cute, but I've seen "cute" pictures of possums, too....

    A lot of people in my life seem to think they do or would make awesome pets, but I just can't get over the weasel-ness of 'em.

  13. I can't remember the last time I held a ferret..... Oh Matron, did I just say that?
    Gaz ;-)

  14. Our vet has two in a big cage in the waiting room. They are quite entertaining, not to mention cute.

    Love ya,


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