Sunday, January 11, 2009

Successful day (so far)

I boiled a huge pot of chicken for the dogs already and fed them.... I know what you're going to say... "Chicken?! for the dogs?! Must be nice..." but the sad reality is.... a can of dog food (I only buy Pedigree because I have dogs with allergies) costs $1.00. Chicken was $.59 a pound! I wonder which one they will like better, huh?! Usually I give them raw food, but Sophie (the Cocker) has been having seizures, two already, and the only connection I have is that we gave her a bit of raw chicken I cooked it up and gave them chicken and rice for breakfast.

(Note: Dogs have shorter intestinal tracts which make it okay for them to eat raw foods, in case anyone wonders. Plenty of info on the net about it.....)

aaaaaaaaaaand, I made plenty of fideo (which is browned vermecelli and spices in a soup-ish form....and I add ground beef to mine, but you can add whatever meat you's a forgiving dish) last night, so there is enough leftovers to feed Alex. Alex. The Boy With Four Stomachs. Also known as a teenage boy. He says to me "Who cooked dinner?!" I said "Me..." He said "You did a good job, mom!" Hee....yes, thank you for not cooking crap, mom.

What else.....oh yeah. I have cramps. I'm sure my guy readers appreciate that tidbit of knowledge. Oddly enough, no period yet. 2 weeks late. ANY DAY NOW! and you people don't even suggest what I know you're thinking because I am too old for that business anymore! rambling for the morning is done......Oh! Before I forget.....Ryan came home from work the other day and said she had bought me some rose scented sachets. They smell so pretty.....I think, but she said the people at work said it smelled like 'old lady'. What the...? Old ladies smell like roses? Oh, honey....I think not.


  1. I always think of my grandma when I smell roses too. Guess it was in the perfume they wore or something. Personally I love lavendar or lilac smells. It was nice of Ryan to think of you though! My teenage son doesn't eat too much yet, I am still waiting for that to come. Cramps? Ugggh, 'nuff said. Hope you have a great day today!
    LL CoolWhip

  2. Seems we're both too old for that sort of business!
    Gaz ;-)

  3. Hi Amy,
    Boiled chicken and rice for your dogs. Sheesh ... your household sure eats nicely! Actually, I know someone who published a whole cookbook for dogs and I know that one of the dishes she really recommended was a sort of chicken soup for dogs ... sounds like you're doing the right thing!

  4. When I was a teenager, my folks called me a human garbage disposal. Sounds like Alex is carrying on a fine tradition!

  5. My gran always smelled like roses too!! You've got some really lucky dogs there. Jess gets pedigree, but then she's only one dog so we can afford it. We're bad though and give her tidbits from our leftovers too.

  6. Hello!

    Your dogs will love you forever by feeding them rice and chicken! The will not want to go back to Pedigree.
    I remember the cramps...still and I am 61. My sympathy dear girrrrl!
    I love the smell of roses and lavender.
    YOu are dong a grand job filling up 'four stomachs' and gaining compiments into the bargain. Must have been hearty food.
    Sending you a hug just 'cos you are you. (smile)
    Jeanie xxxx

  7. Lily doesn't get wet food or home made food until she gets this potty training down. If she is going to poop on my oriental rugs I want her poops to be solid. Is that too much information at 7:30 a.m.?
    I hope your cramps ease up. Chocolate and Ibuprofin are my cure.

  8. Miss J has been considering going raw for her dogs for a while... here is more inspiration!

  9. Can midgets eat raw food too then?

  10. Rose is my favorite scent and I don't care who knows it. Umm...too old? A friend of mine has a sis that got pregnant at 42! Her daughter was 16, so umm, maybe NOT too old. Mwahahahaha...

    Love ya!~


  11. Sounds good!! Almost makes me wish I was a dog..Ok maybe I shouldn't go THAT far...*SK*

  12. Briege and Pema had flounder over baby spinach(really) today, so they totally get this post :-).
    I've always known your animals don't rough it.

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