Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I don't think I'm THAT dramatic, but.....

wake up late....11ish....

get ready and go to new psychiatrist.......

have lunch......

go to Ash Wednesday........

come home to dog who has peed all over carpet, linoleum in dining room, and foyer.......

walk into bathroom and notice kibble vomit all over floor.......

*Now, the waking up at 11 was okay. I had an hour for coffee and stuff before I had to get ready.

*The getting ready part was mainly finding clothes that matched and putting on some makeup and doing my hair. That part was okay, too.

*The new psychiatrist. Well..... um. My previous one is retiring and that's a bummer, because he is really sweet and I always left his office feeling like I had been heard. For me, I guess I don't really need someone telling me what I need to do to better myself because I already know that. What I need is someone who will listen to me blather on about my lame little life drama, tell me they understand, and pat my hand. So. Ermm......moving along........

*Lunch. Very nice. Fish po'boys. Because I don't get enough carbs in my diet, you know. (also because it's Ash Wednesday and we're not supposed to succumb to the Evil That Is Beef. or Pork. or Chicken. even though my MIL tries to tell me chicken is okay......LOL)

*Ash Wednesday. Now, the church closest to our house is not my favorite church, but when one is in need of Ashes, one does what one has to. It was a very 'wham, bam, thank you, ma'am' kind of thing. No actual Mass.......just a very short homily, pass the offering basket, get your ashes, and go out through the side door because other people are waiting to get in through the entrace doors and we don't want major confusion. oooookay. The woman who gave me Ashes must have known something because she dosed me pretty good though. ("We know about you and your wishy washy Catholic-Pagan ways, Missy!!! We KKKKKNNNNNOOOOOWWWWWWW")

*The dog. or dogs. Possibly the cat, who knows. Apparently, somebody was saving it up because I am going to have to get out the steam cleaner later. (The mopping has already been done) Allllllll over the damn floor. ????????????? and vomit in the bathroom. Is the dog angry that we went to Ash Wednesday? Is the Devil in my house? Hmmmmm.....things to ponder.

All this before 6:30. I really think I should just put on my pajamas, eat ice cream for dinner, and go to bed by 9. Who's with me?! (Bring your own pillow!)


  1. AMY!!!! Don't forget the hot bubble bath first!! Then pajama's then the HUGE bowl of ice-cream!!!
    in bed of course!


  2. AND A MASSAGE! Did you ever get your Valentine's massage?

  3. LOL at your extra dose of ashes. Do you think they'll "take?"

    I'm sorry it ended up being a crummy day. Tomorrow will be better!!

    Hugs, Beth

  4. Hi Amy,
    Ice Cream for dinner ... sounds great, count me in! Do I get to vomit on your entryway and carpet, too?

  5. It's 1 a.m. but I'm with ya anyway lol. Don't you know this "raised Roman Catholic girl" let Ash Wed go by w/o a thought?!? The guilt set in just as planned yrs ago by the nuns and now I can't sleep. It'll pass, as do all things. Nice to see you're as sardonic as always. :-)

  6. Amen, sister-girlfriend! For me it was cookie dough and The Biggest Loser. It is funny how life around you sound like "yada-yada-yada" with a nice bowl of comfort on your lap!

    Ummm, wait, maybe that is why I am up at 2:04 in the morning with a horrid case of heart burn...Damn.

  7. ((((((Amy))))))) wish I had a therapist LOL. I could really use one about now. I haven't stepped foot in a church in forever, if I did the roof would fall in I'm sure ::grin:: heck, I like being Pagan..that's me! What kills me though is the fact that even though I respect their (Christians) right to worship whoever or whatever they want ~ quite a few don't think I (or us "pagans") should have that same right ~ strange don't you think? Oh sheesh, I'm shutting up now.
    I miss you hon... wish we lived closer instead of about 9 hours (or more) away from each other. :::mucho hugs and smooches::: Teresa

  8. I think the animals were telling you that you shouldn't have gotten the ashes since you don't believe. LOL! I always found it funny getting the ashes and having to walk around with them until they wore off because God forbid you wiped them away! Or, for that matter, God forbid you CHEW your Body of Christ after getting communion. Hee-hee! Should have known being Catholic wasn't the right religion for me when I would purposely chew and say "Yum, may I have some more?".

    I am proud of you getting out though. Hope this new doc is a good one for you.
    LL CoolWhip

  9. I'm all for ice cream and pajamas! Sounds like a very full day!

  10. Hmmm, I was thinking that I got an awful lot of ashes yesterday,too! As a matter of fact, at one point during mass, they were sort of dripping off my forehead. Oh well, I hope it helps...for both of us!
    Take Care!

  11. i definately know what one of those days feel bringing my pillow

  12. I am so with you on that thought! I sometimes have days like that as well! But the days will get better.



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