Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm socially retarded.....

I must be. I swear, the past few times I have talked to anyone outside my own family, I'm there rambling like an idiot, thinking 'why did I just say that......'

Granted, I am not a big social butterfly, but good grief.... I'm just going to get a t shirt that says 'Don't Talk To Me'. and be done with it.

My neighbor is moving to Italy, and came over to get rid of some foodstuffs and she starts talking to me and then I'm just 'blah blah blah I have to shut up omg'. We were never really buddy-buddy, but I'll bet you she is thinking it's a good thing she's moving, because the crazy lady next door scares her.

Moving along.........::shakes head::

My daughter is a licensed driver. (Please note I didn't say she's a GOOD driver. I said they gave her a license. LOL) She took her test, and barely passed.....but did I long long ago, so I guess I can't say much about that. Adrian is very excited at the possibility of Ryan driving him to Taco Bell. (I don't do the Hail Mary on a regular basis, but this would be one of the times. As soon as she walks out the door with the keys......"Hail Mary, full of grace......")

Anyway, it's a cloudy rainy-ish day......good to stay in and catch up on laundry (maybe this is why my social skills are so bad.....all I do is stay in the house and do laundry!)....


  1. I do the very same thing when talking to people. I think it comes from being an at home Mom. We don't talk to anyone on a regular basis so if we are able to get someone's attention for a few, we talk and talk and talk. I hate it too, but can't help myself. LOL! Just remember to surround Ryan's vehicle with the white light of protection. Never mind the Hail Mary, save that for football. LOL! Congrats to her!
    LL CoolWhip

  2. So funny...I've used the phrase "socially retarded" in regards to myself on more than one occasion. I always do okay once I get there and start talking, but going into situations like that makes me feel weird and nervous. Apparently I'm missing the extrovert gene. :)

    Ryan has a pretty good head on her shoulders, doesn't she? Do the lecture about how many tons a car weighs, the impact of moving steel, yadda yadda. I don't mean you should try to scare her to death, but I remember my Dad explaining to me that driving is a big responsibility, and to take it seriously. Even now, 30 years later, I sometimes think about this beast I'm piloting down the road, and I still take it seriously.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Hugs, Beth

  3. Hi Amy,
    Don't sweat it ... everyone thinks they're socially retarded from time-to-time. As for Ryan, it sounds like she's not done learning how to drive. Maybe you should continue driving with her for a while until she gets a little more experience.

  4. I am thanking God that my oldest cannot pass the test....

  5. I cant drive and I'm twice Ryans age!

  6. I used to be socially retarded until I started running a support group. I had to make myself learn to talk to people. Not easy! LOL

    Have a good week.

  7. I agree with anonymous on the at home mom thing stunting us socially. I noticed after I came home to to kids that first my brain went soft. I couldn't understand how my husband could stand being around me because I had nothing to talk about.

    Now I noticed that I talk to the dog and have conversations with inanimate objects and stuffed animals like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

    Don't feel bad. Welcome to the nuthatch. Visiting hours are 3 to 9 pm and weekends.

  8. That's really funny -- maybe just send your neighbors to your blog and they'll see how clever you really are!


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