Monday, February 2, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I have long stalked ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ . I know some of you might think "Amy? Simple?" but yes, even I can have my moments of calm and reflection. They are few and far between, because I am such a nut, but I try.

Anyway, here goes....

FOR TODAY ~ February 2nd....

Outside my window...
is a messy yard that needs some tidying. The cold makes it less appealing to tinker in the yard, for sure. Beyond that, kids screaming and running around at the school behind my house. It's RECESS!

I am thinking...
....that I really am not well enough for company, but with Jesse's parents up from Mexico, it is inevitable. Then, my sisters birthday is today, with Jesse's tomorrow. I feel terrible that I am not having a big 'woohoo' for them.

I am thankful for...
Flu and cold medicines. They do make life a little less awful....

From the learning rooms...
....the learning room.....?? Our homeschooling room? Nothing much has gone on in the way of learning except that the body can recreate mucus forver.

From the kitchen...
.....there is the blessed smell of hot coffee. SO soothing to my throat and sinuses. (and here's hoping Jesse brings home some takeout for dinner so my kitchen will stay in the semi-clean state it is currently in)

I am wearing...
.....flannel pajama bottoms and a plain white Hanes t shirt. My outfit of choice, it seems.

I am creating...
....mucus. whether I choose to or not.

I am going...
to end up back in bed at some point today. Beyond that, I don't have plans.

I am reading...
Blogs, mostly. Focusing my eyes on books has been pretty difficult lately. I probably need a new eye exam.

I am hoping...
.....that The Evil is expelled from my body. It is wearing me down and making me sad.

I am hearing...
.....the dog trying to lick any miniscule leftover bits from her bowl. *clink clink clink* from her tags against the bowl...

Around the house...
.....there are little bits here and there that need cleaning. I really do wish I was a better cleaner. I just have other things higher on my priority list, I guess.

One of my favorite things... that my pets follow me everywhere. When I am sick in bed, they are always all right there in the room or in the bed next to me. "Momma? You're well enough to feed us, right?"

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I don't 'plan', per se. My plans never work I just hope things will occur, but I don't worry if they don't. Hopefully, my week will include some dining out. I do plan to buy a frame for Ryan's Quinceanos picture....but other than that.....I'll just be spending time with my peeps.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Puffs Plus with lotion. Indeed, my best friend as of late.

Click on the link above and play along if you want. Or just comment on mine....I'm easy like that...


  1. Aww, I sure hope you feel better soon, Amy! You sound miserable. :(

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Sorry to hear you are sick! I've been a bad, bad blogger lately and haven't kept up with anyone. Just wanted to swing by and say hi - and send you some get well wishes too of course! Feel better soon! Hugs!! :-)

  3. im sorry ur making mucus, feel better soon *hugs*

  4. I hope you kick the mucus soon!

    The daybook entry looks like fun. I'll have to start next week though, too late tonight.


  5. As you know, I love, LOVE doing the day book! Welcome to the group! I loved your first one, but do hope that you are feeling better soon!!! Sending warm healing thoughts and prayers your way! XXOO

  6. I should send you a pack of English cough sweets. They'll get rid of the mucus. It's also fun to eat one, blow in someone's eye and laugh as the go blind for a few minutes!

  7. Those Puffs with Vicks are AWESOME aren't they? I love them even when I am not sick. Stop worrying so much about your house being clean woman! It really doesn't matter in the long run. I hope you are all totally better within the next week at least or sooner!
    Sending you lots of love and huggies!
    LL CoolWhip

  8. Amy, you're not gonna believe this... but I'm paring down, too. I'm trying to get some serenity in my life (Yeah, with three kids and all the effing cooties they bring home... I'm thinking "biohazard" suits for Christmas gifts this year). I've been making a *simple* plan for the next day before I go to bed, and finding, even when I have to get *really* creative, some things to be grateful for each day.

    It goes against so much about me, you know I'm the bitch-and-rant queen, but it drags after so long with few breaks. I'm forcing the positivity, dammit. ;-)

    (And the body's ability to make mucus in such quantities is one of the great mysteries of the world. I'mma get me some o' those tissues when I go out next.)

  9. Emily = Anonymous. Google/Blogger hates me today.

  10. Puffs Plus rock my world. Won't live without them.

  11. So sorry I haven't been by Amy! I still have an ovarian cyst, and it's killing me. I'll be back by soon!

  12. Amy,
    I followed you from Russ' place, where you lamented not getting email alerts. I recommend you investigate a feed reader. The easiest to use is probably Google Reader:
    You can enter the url of any blog or webpage you want to keep up with, and it will keep track of when those pages are updated.

  13. My pets follow me everywhere too. I'm cold. I need some hot cocoa. Be back in a sec. Hee...

    Love ya,



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