Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Feet, Small Feet, Red Feet, Blue Feet

and so, the pedicure begins. Those toe separater things are not made for people with small feet.

I'm enjoying my day, but I can't help but laugh at Sophie over there trying to see what kind of sandwich I have.

"Mom. It's turkey. You know I love turkey. I really think you can spare a little bit."

and then Gordo tries to see what's going on.....'a sandwich? Did I hear the word sandwich?!' Ryan tells him to stop begging. It's demeaning.

"Blah blah blah......demeaning. Whatever. I just want a bite.....geeez..."
"A wine cooler? Well......I guess so. I mean, it's not a sandwich, but...."

"Mom? I just.....need.....a little......sleepy....." Haha....he can't hold his liquor. Get it? Licker...liquor.... ha. Ha? ::cough::
"If you don't stop laughing, I'm going to end up painting your whole foot!"
" WAS funny....."

and voila! Pretty feets! with kitty stickers.

and Ryan is exhausted.
The End.
(Note: I don't mind sharing my food/wine coolers with my dogs, but after the Brindle - AKA Slobber Monster had a sip, I was not inclined to have any more. No pictures of that moment, 'cause it's gross.)


  1. This was too cute! Thanks for the morning giggle. Ryan cracks me up. I still think she needs to go into modeling. I could be her agent! ;)

  2. Hi Amy,
    Hmmm ... a dog that drinks wine coolers?!? Well, I guess it could always be worse. Thank God the Poor Pooch isn't into drugs!

  3. ROFL yes that would be a lot of slobber LOLOL. I'd even say "nope, no way" to that (grin).
    Ryan did a great job! Can I borrow her???? lol your feetsies look lovely :) Hugs and Love, Teresa

  4. How can your toes spread that far?!

  5. So great to be pampered by your girls and dogs! Lucky you. I usually have to run (and taxi-drive) my kids and don't have any dogs to cheer me up. Ciao. A.

  6. If my feet looked that feminine I'd decorate them too! Very lovely, great pix, nice to see you're being given well-deserved TLC.

  7. haha Amy, I love, Love, LOVED this!! It looks like you all had so much fun, even the doggies!

  8. Oh yeah. Brag about your small feet. 'Cause mine are like a Trannie's shoe size!

    And what's your daughter want?
    Mine don't do shit like that unless they *want* something!

    And my youngest (almost 18) would NEVER do that 'cause she thinks feet are the most disgusting thing on any human body! She hates touching her *own* feet. I always have to cut her toenails for her. I know she'll never touch *mine*. (I have no idea what she'll do when she "grows up and moves away". Maybe she'll only move next door. Yay!)

    Looks like it really was a great day. :-) Here's to many more for you.

  9. You have such pretty feet!! No wonder you are brave enough to put the pics of them in here. You look relaxed and happy. Perfect day!
    LL CoolWhip

  10. How fun! Well, except for the dog slurping the wine cooler. Still, funny stuff.

  11. Brainwhispers visit your blog also :o)

  12. Pretty feet and precious pooches!! Love them. Just don't paint your dog's toenails. Okay?

  13. Hey, I painted my dog's toenails (when I had a girl dog). I think my kids would kill me if I attempted to paint Remy's toenails, though.

    And I feel I just ask: Where the hell are Sophie's eyes?????

    And quit gloating about your little feet. I wear a size 9, fer cryin' out loud. I think my sneakers may be a 10. The Chinese have strange ideas about how big people's feet are.

  14. Girl I love the kitty stickers! I see you are again having a party without me in Texas! Look how much fun... Gordo is adorable... you girls look lovely and happy and what is better than a pedicure and a wine cooler?! Sending lotsa hugs!
    Lisa in KY

  15. PS LOL I am cracking up at Marty's comment and yes your toes look like they hurt...

  16. I have tagged you! Want to play? Come on over to my blog and see.


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