Saturday, March 14, 2009


I love chickens. I have rooster statues, chicken prints, a chicken purse, for goodness sake.

I have no idea why I love chickens..... they are just comical to me. A little neurotic, too, but who am I to cast stones. Heh...

Anyway, my point in this entry is that I'm directing you to another blog, so you can see a video that's been posted. Sound is a must for this, and it's even more fun if you have a cat lounging around your computer.

When I googled to find a chicken picture, I got to giggling at my choices....hmm....which one to pick...

This one....

or this one.....

Heh....sorry, Chicken. must go here: (not so) Urban Hennery - Spring is here

You just must.


  1. My SIL also has a thing for Chickens. LOL! It always makes shopping for Christmas interesting as I am 'looking for Chickens'. I try to buy at least one 'chicken present' each year. Over the years I have gotten her about everything Chicken you can think of from cookie jars to dishes to potholders and salt & Pepper shakers. Every year the hubs wonders if I will be able to find a 'new' chicken. ;p

  2. That was overwhelming cuteness over there. I think chicken and sorry but the last picture is a chosen choice. I grew up on a farm...I can't think of them any other way. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I tried, but couldn't get the video to load! I'll try it again later.

  4. I always thought it would be nice to collect chicken stuff....

  5. I like the second chicken picture best LOL

  6. I love chickens too! If I could have one or two in my back yard, I would. LOL

  7. Years ago, I got into collecting PIGS, for Godsakes. When I tried to weed any out, I would feel guilty because of who gave them to me. Finally, I had to request of family and friends "STOP WITH THE PIG GIFTS".
    Following the pigs was the watermelon period...history repeated.
    Now, I live in Florida and just stick with shells.

  8. I collect Grandchildren. They kinda look like chickens.

    ~Terry Ü

  9. You found my secret passion, I want chickens to raise!! I am serious too. Don't know why, but one day I WILL have chickens in my backyard so I can have eggs at any time and not have to run to the store. Going to see that video now.
    LL CoolWhip


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