Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Date and Poopies. Not At The Same Time.

1). My feet hurt because I wore my sexy shoes on my 'date' with The Man today.

2). The date. We went here: Welcome to GuentherHouse! We sat outside and it was perfect. Right next to the river, with a steady warm breeze. and......there was bacon. Thick, applewood smoked bacon. and fresh sweet fruit. and rich eggs. and the yummiest house coffee. The company was pretty good, too.

3). You all know The Lovely Valencia. My bestie's daughter. Well. Valencia pooped. IN THE POTTY!
They had come to visit with us last night. There was playing, running, and some craziness. Occasionally, she would say 'Potty, mommy.' Diana would say "You need to go potty, momma?" "No." oooookay. To be fair, Valencia has been having some serious diarrhea for the past 2 weeks, so I don't blame her for not wanting to go potty. I wouldn't want to, either.
So, they left at around 8:30 and got home around 9. Diana went to go pee when she got home. Valencia went and sat on her potty, too. Diana finished and went to go check on the oven. She went back to the bathroom and Valencia said "I go potty, mommy!" "Yes,'re on the potty." "MOMMY! I GO POTTYYYYYY!"
(Good grief, you not speak the English?! LOL) So, Diana checked and.......
When I said "Yay....Valencia did poopies!", Diana replied "No. She did not do poopies. Poopies is a cute little drop in the diaper. That child dropped a load. Took a serious crap. Cleaned out the pipes. Like, I have no idea how that came out of my child."


I won't say that the pooping in the potty will continue, but that does not matter. It happened once and it is documented forever. I am a proud Tia.

Stickers for V! (Yeah, right. Like all I would buy her is some stickers. 'ooooo...look at this cute cup! Look at that outfit! V would love that little book! Etc.')


  1. Why am I not surprised that there are "no comments" to this blog. It seems like only you & I Tia are happy there are poopies.

  2. Sounds like a great date, and way to go Valencia!

  3. I feel sad. I want people to celebrate when I do poopies too.
    Sara does celebrate when I do windies though. Thats how I know she loves me.
    She's proud of my farts.

  4. That made me chuckle, Amy, when Diana said it wasn't poopies, it was a serious clear-out - that did not come out of my child... oh my.

  5. ROFL !!!!!!! Yaayyyyyyy Valencia!! ^5 Tia :) Hugs and Love, Teresa

    woohooo Baaaconnnnnn love it!

  6. Umm. OK. You are definitely a mom. When I was childless, I would NEVER had spoken of poo. Now, it's common conversation. Your tummy ache? I'm gonna ask when you last poo'd. Your side hurt? I'm gonna ask if you poo'd. You moody? I'm get the point. Mom's ask about poo a lot, and we're proud of good ones.

  7. The summer before kindergarten started Sammy was still working on pooping in the potty. I decided to give him a nickel if he made a successful BM in the potty.

    Well this morning I was lying on my bed when Sammy heads into the bathroom like a streak.

    After a couple of minutes..."Momma I made a poop in the potty."

    me..."very good Sammy."

    Sammy..."come see how big it is!"


    I gave the appropriate praise and as he walked out he says..."Alrighty then, where's that nickel?"

    That gave me such a chuckle I gave him his nickel.

  8. Not only am I concerned with my kids' bathroom habits, but I watch the puppy's as well. I figure if he's playing, eating, sleeping, and pooping regularly, he's probably pretty good. Ditto for the kids.

    You do remember the string of emails about the puppy poop, don't you?


    Sometimes, I feel really sorry for the people (and animals) in my care....


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