Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love having friends that are funnier than me....

Some of y'all don't read the comments, but I got a comment yesterday that made me choke with laughter.

I was on my little 'I hate my hair' rant, and Amy in Vermont said:

"whatever you are thinking...DON'T DO IT! Hair cuts and crazy don't mix. Mine was the summer of 2003. I ended up with an Edward Scissorshands hairdresser and hair an inch and a half and white blond all over my head...."

Heee.......'haircuts and crazy don't mix.' I love it!


  1. But it is a truism. Have you seen Amy Winehouse's hair lately:-)?
    I could see you with a butch cut & a ruched bustier. I'll pay for it if I get to YouTube it.~Mary

  2. Shit, does that mean I can't get my hair cut? I really need one, but I'm about as lucid as a mental patient these days.

  3. Seems like pretty good advice. Along with Mary's example of Amy Winehouse, let's not forget about the Britney Spears Shaved Head Debacle (heretofore known as the BSSHD).



  4. Oh, no hair cuts and crazy don't mix but getting a new look can sometimes change things up a little. No, shaving your head is not a good idea but like the Sheryl Crow song said,"A change can do you good!" If crazy and hair cutting don't mix I probably can forget the last hair cuts I've gotten since I hit puberty!

  5. I am glad that my comment gave you a laugh! So if/when you've read my blog post today you will probably think it rather odd when I now tell you that tomorrow I am getting my hair done. What you need to know is that I have given over total control of my hair to my best friend (who happens to be my best friend!) I don't get to pick colors, styles or anything else! Sometimes a little less control is a good thing! The only thing is....She is a wee bit crazy herself! Hummm, maybe I should think about this now...
    Hope you are having a better day today.

  6. LOL and she's right ya know LOL


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