Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things can change in an instant...

.......the mood here today is decidedly more somber. Yesterday, my in laws got into a pretty decent car accident. I am thanking every Almighty I can think of, because at the end of it all, there were just bumps and bruises and my in laws got to come home from the hospital after being checked out.

Of course, the real pain and struggle comes in the following days after an accident (I know that all too well), so I would much appreciate a prayer, wish, hope, or whatever that they recover without much issue.

You guys know I love my in laws like they were my own parents.... I just.......::sigh::

taken last summer in Mexico


  1. Oh goodness.
    Many prayers for quick recoveries for them.

  2. Saying a little prayer for you all right now. I glad they were able to go home. Hugs to you. I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Thank goodness they were not seriously injured or killed Amy! Saying some prayers now for a quick and gentle recovery for them both, and that there is no long lasting damage! I had a little fender bender a month before I moved over here to England, which left me with chronic pain. It could have been so much worse though so I still feel blessed. Your life CAN indeed change in an instant! XXOO

  4. Thank God they weren't seriously hurt. Said a little prayer for them just now.


  5. I'm so glad they're okay. Thoughts and prayers are with them (and you)!

  6. Add mine to the list.

    :) Leigh

  7. Hi Amy,
    Whew, sounds like this could have been so much worse ... thank God they're OK. Am sending prayers their way.

  8. Thank goodness they're okay. They might be sore tomorrow, but at least they're alive!!

  9. Prayers are being said gf. I'm so glad they weren't seriously hurt.

  10. prayers indeed..

    hope it doesn't put them off driving..i had a minor fender bender and I was terrified to drive afterwards...

  11. Thank goodness they are ok! I remember sitting at a stop light and looking in my rear view mirror and I saw this HUGE caddy coming at me. I thought...'this guys gonna hit me' and sure enough, he did. I was jarred a bit, but ok for the most part...but the next day I could hardly move. And my neck...OMG! My neck! I couldn't turn my head for days!
    So glad they were ok!

  12. It's a relief to hear your in-laws came away only minus one car, Amy

  13. Big hugs to you and your in-laws, Amy! And prayers being said that they are not in any lasting pain!!

  14. Sending up prayers and thanking God they are alive!!


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