Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Must Be Documented

Ryan: "I know we occasionally disagree, Mom, but you are simple. not."


Well, I've been called alot of things, but simple has never been one of them.

Impossible, yes.

Demanding, occasionally.

Moody, most definitely.

There has been strife with the hub and the oldest kidlet, now that she has a drivers license and has freedom to go here and there by herself. It has manifested itself in the most random conversations, where Jesse tries to get me to agree with him and I am like 'WTF? Do not involve me in your crazy drama.'

Tsk. Like *I'm* the only one who really needs some Prozac. I think not.

Moving along.......dinner tonight was NOT an 'I-made-it-myself' deal.

Stouffers lasagna, Italian sausage, store bought garlic bread, and salad. I did make dessert myself though. Some fruit and oat streusel-y malosh. The recipe was on the side of the oatmeal box. Pretty good, but after a meal like that, who wants much dessert. I think I actually need some TUMS. What I need is another rainy day in my pajamas.....with a heavy dose of Kahlua in my coffee.

That'll work.


  1. Oh yeah. THAT will help you relax. Pour a cup for me, too.

    The drama and frustration with the teen in this house is all mine. Kevin is usually the voice of reason. Weird. With Natalie? I'm the voice of reason. Good thing we balance each other out.

    Heck, make the shot in MY coffee a double, would ya?

  2. You put koala bears in your coffee?

  3. I am so glad I am past the terrible teens! I think those years are the sole cause of every grey hair on my head!

  4. ::snickering here:: uh huh but don't you absolutely adore your hubby's thinking you will agree with him? lol ~ and teen's ughhh I'm so glad I didn't have any!! The boys and the cat are enough.
    Your dinner sounds marvelous, I would have had to taken some TUMS too LOL. I think the older we get the less our digestive systems like us. Hugs and Love* Teresa

  5. I'm a Bailey's person myself, but whatever it takes. Have a great weekend.

  6. I vote for day two in the bed. It's just raining anyway. I'm with Rachel...double shot over here!


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