Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday was the 18th...

....and every 18th of the month, my niece takes her daughter (also my niece) to get pictures taken.


  1. Oh, that is too cute. I love her colorful outfit!

  2. OMG, this child just cracks me up! She looks like I have to buy some cascarones from her.
    I'll have a dozen please.

  3. She's beautiful :) Hugs and Love, Teresa

    P.S. Don't forget Ostara!!

  4. Get outta town!!!!!!! That baby is just so darned adorable! Looks like a picture that Annie Lebovitz would do. :)
    LL CoolWhip

  5. She is darling! The outfit is so cute, too. My kids would have taken anything off of their heads so fast! Great photo!

  6. I want to pinch her little cheeks!

    My kids would never, EVER have left anything on their heads long enough to get a picture of it. I couldn't even keep hats on them when it was cold outside.


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