Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cookies ARE The Answer!

I have been feeling kind of 'blehhhh' today, and memes are a good distraction.

Thank you, Dawn for giving me justification for talking about myself.

The rules according to Dawn are: Just answer the questions, plug where you found it,and leave me a link so I can go see the answers. I may not always comment but I will go peek.

Here goes.....

Car: I'd go for a small SUV....maybe a PT Cruiser.....I don't know....(watch me end up with a minivan)
Cell Phone: Limited edition designed by Ami from Miami Ink
Watch: I don't wear a watch
Jeans: Levi's usually....
Sneakers: I really hate sneakers. Sandals are more my thing.....
Shampoo: Nexxus Humectant - I love the smell
Perfume/Cologne: whatever I'm in the mood for at the time.....I have a pretty decent collection of scents
Toothpaste: CloseUp. I love the hot cinnamon.
Soap: Dove Sensitive Skin.
Favorite Gadget: My computer!
Necessary Extravagance: Perfumes. I may look all jacked up, but dammit, I smell good.
Favorite Clothing Store: Goodwill. I always find rockin' stuff.
Favorite Restaurant: because I am soooo picky? Last night, we were making dinner, and I got the bright idea to make some wonton soup like this Chinese restaurant that we go to. It's really simple - good broth, wonton skins, and scallion tops. Delish. Well, theirs is. Mine? Not so much. I tasted it and spit it out. Ryan was looking at me stunned. She said to her dad "It must be pretty bad. I've never seen Mom spit something out." Ha Ha, Ryan. Ha Ha.
Current Favorite Song: 'Heartless' - Kanye West
Alcoholic Beverage: pretty much whatever somebody makes for me.
Middle Name: Louise (seriously. tsk.)
Preferred Side of the Bed: Usually the right
Biggest Superstition: talking bad about the dead
Favorite Room In the House: my room. Sweet, sweet bed o' mine....
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben 'n Jerry's Coffee Heath
Cherished Childhood Keepsake: nothing, really.....I don't want to be reminded of my childhood.
Favorite Sport: Uhhhhhhhh.......alligator wrangling
State of Closet: It's a shambles. I have a pathway in there. Do not stray off the pathway or we may never find you again.
Bottled Water Brand: Evian. Lovely, lovely Evian
Favorite Cookies: I haven't really met a cookie I haven't liked. I'm sure there is one; I just haven't met it yet.

and so ends 7 minutes of your life that you'll never get back. Have a cookie.


  1. San Antonio is beautiful!
    I love to eat at Pico de Gallo and the Fogata when we visit..The last time we went we had the priviledge to stay at "La Valencia." What a great hotel...Looking forward to you visitng my blog and becoming a follower as I will start to follow this blog too.

  2. Fun answers! And I've been a Closeup fan for years. Sometimes it's actually hard to find! That is such a travesty. My dorky ex-BF used to claim that he thinks the red color of Closeup eventually turns your teeth an orange tint.

    Hugs, Beth

  3. Okay, so cookies are the answer but only if you're not preparing for so many friggen weddings! Then again my parents postponed their's so I can eat cookies....AGAIN!

  4. mmmm . . . cookies do it for me too.

  5. I am gonna do this since I am feeling blehh and sorry for myself.
    LL Cool Whip

  6. Cinnamon toothpaste? Now that is something we don't have in Ireland!!!

  7. Fun answers - In my case beer is the answer ;-)


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