Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everybody Has One....

Grocery lists, that is.

I always enjoy looking at other people's grocery lists.......either while they're walking around the store looking for what's on their list....or ones that have been left in shopping carts.

What do people need to buy.... what will they forget unless they write it down.....

Here's mine (along with a recipe from Marie in the background):

What's on your list?


  1. You look at people's grocery lists?! Is nothing sacred, woman? ;) So have you ever seen anything juicy on there, like condoms or KY? LOL

    My list always starts with the same thing: beer. Then I look at the weekly ad for the store I go to, and see what's on sale, and figure out what I need. I've just started a new one, and so far it has beer, peppercorns, and powdered milk. I'm sure I'll be adding a few more items this coming week.

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Hi Amy,
    I guess I buck the trend and am proof positive that not everyone has a grocery list. I just "graze" ... get whatever I need, whenever I need it. No list required.

  3. Ok. I am glad I can finally come out of the closet. I like to look at other people's lists also. I find myself trying to sneak-a-peak at the store.
    Here was my list I got last night.
    potatoes, dishwasher tabs, boys' hairspray, spoons, chocolate cake mix/icing, grape jelly, frozen corn/broccoli/mixed vegs., slaw mix/dressing, spag noodles, diced toms x2, chips/tortilla/doritos, hot dogs, hamburger, buns, salsa, relish, onion, ice cream, refried beans, tortilla shells, diced jalapenos, red sauce, lettuce x2, sour cream, black beans x2, q-tips, peaches, mandarin oranges, tropical fruit, pledge grab-it, bar keeper's friend.
    (nicholas added toys to the bottom)

    I live by my list. If it doesn't make it, I don't buy it. I just won't remember. The two things I forgot? Air filters and liquid soap.

    Also, you have very nice handwriting.

    See you tonight for cake. ;)

  4. I need a large sheet of paper for my list!!!

  5. I scrawl a list of things that are a must like milk, bread, marmite, bog roll and then I usually just write "lunch stuff" or "dinner stuff" for everything else.
    My shopping lists are boring.

  6. You have much better handwriting than me.

    My list usually goes something like this: Milk, bread, eggs, sugar, chips for the kids' lunches, lunch meat (for the kids' lunches), pudding or other "sweet" (for the kids' lunches).. umm... cheese and lots of it, tortillas, etc.

    Rarely anything interesting on my lists.

  7. No list for me. Mostly because I carry lists in my head day in and day out. it's a habit of mine.

    But I do very much enjoy peeking in other people's carts. Voyeurism, perhaps, but fun!

  8. Oh, thanks for making my grocery list out for me. You're a gem. ;-)
    Hee...umm...really, I have'nt made mine out yet. :-P

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